Prince Harry makes ‘last minute changes’ to update his book after Elizabeth II’s death

Samuel Edwards

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Prince Harry

The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and son of King Charles III, Prince Harry, who renounced his royal privileges in 2020 and moved to the city of Los Angeles with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, received a millionaire advance to write your memories.

Said book promises to be “a bomb” because of the revelations it would make, but now it is said that he is “desperately” trying to update and refine the manuscript before it is published at the end of 2022, after the death of the monarch.

‘The publishers paid $20 million upfront because they knew whatever was written would be huge for sales and exposure around the world. But the first draft they received was disappointing as it was too emotional. Eventually, the final draft was finished and signed off, a lot of money and energy was spent to make sure it came out this year,’ a source close to the company revealed.

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The source went on to say that this autobiography could contain details that ‘wouldn’t look too good and be published so soon after Elizabeth II’s death. With Harry’s father Charles III occupying the throne, it is now warned that it is a bit late to make these updates.

It is also revealed that these updates are not a total rewrite, although the Prince insists on wanting to make changes to this book.

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