Progidal Son: Fox Cancels The Show After Season 2

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The 2nd season of “Prodigal Son” is currently still on the US broadcaster Fox. But after season 2 the crime drama ends. INSPIREDTRAVELER reveals the reasons for the cancellation.

“Prodigal Son” ends after the season 2 finale. US broadcaster Fox canceled the series due to insufficient audience ratings.
The second season of the crime drama has been on the US broadcaster Fox since January.
When the new episodes will appear has not yet been determined. We may not be able to expect them until 2022.

The second season of the crime series ” Prodigal Son ” will end in May in the USA. Now US broadcaster Fox announced the end of the series. After season 2 it’s over. You can find out more about the reasons here.

Prodigal Son: Season 2 start date.

“Prodigal Son” returned to US broadcaster Fox on January 12, 2021. When and whether the new episodes will appear is still unknown.

It took almost a year before the first season was broadcast. That would mean that fans in Germany would not be able to enjoy the second season until 2022.

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After season 1 was canceled early from the Sat.1 program because the series did not bring the desired ratings, it is doubtful that the series will return to the main program of the station. It is more likely that the new episodes will be broadcast on ProSieben Maxx, where season 1 is currently being repeated.

In the US, too, the ratings of the series left a lot to be desired, so Fox canceled “Prodigal Son” after the second season

Prodigal Son Season 2: Who’s in it?

All members of the main cast will also return in season 2. Allegedly, the extension of the series was made dependent mainly on the availability of actor Michael Sheen, who plays the serial killer Martin Whitley.

Tom Payne (The Walking Dead) will also return in his role as investigator and profiler Malcolm Bright. Based on the trailer, his sister Ainsely (Halson Sage) also takes on an even more important role in the sequel and is definitely at the start.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones becomes Dr. Vivian Capshaw, a psychiatrist at Claremont Psychiatric Hospital. Alan Cumming (“The Good Wife”) will appear in two episodes as Simon Hoxley, a cocky Europol agent and one of the world’s most famous profilers.

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Prodigal Son Season 2: What is it about

The first season of “Prodigal Son” has its focus on Malcolm Bright, the son of the notorious serial killer Martin Whitley, also known as “The Surgeon”. The former FBI profiler now works as a consultant for the New York Police Department and can put himself particularly well into the minds of serial killers.

In one case, Malcolm has to contact his hated father again after years, whose arrest he witnessed first hand as a child. From now on, father and son are forced to work together and come dangerously close.

In the season one finale, Ainsley kills Endicott and Malcolm has the body twisted. Only Malcolm’s father knows about it. Season 2 will be about this mystery and how it affects the relationship between Malcolm, Martin, and Ainsley.

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Malcolm lost his girlfriend in season 1. Actor Tom Payne said in an interview “I don’t think Malcolm will be willingly into relationships anytime soon.”

Racism by the police will also play a role in season 2, as Payne confirmed in an interview: “I don’t think you can be a police series – and especially a police series like ours, which has a very mixed cast – and that doesn’t appeal.

Prodigal Son Season 2: Production.

The US broadcaster Fox officially extended the series for a second season in May 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, the production of the new episodes was significantly delayed. Filming for Season 2 didn’t begin until early October 2020.

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