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The gambling industry has grown so much in recent years. The number of online casinos has increased, whether on land, or on cyberspace. It can be understood very easily as to why gambling is being liked by so many. It is an enjoyable way to earn some money. As the world progresses, people need more and more money to satisfy their materialistic needs. But not everyone can get a job that pays well. Gambling is a comparatively easier way to get some money.

Depending on your luck, you can win 5 million, or lose 50 million. This suspense and thrill is what attracts many to gambling. A lot of factors helped in popularising gambling among the common masses. More and more media took to portraying gambling, which helped in breaking it’s negative image. Be it movies, TV shows or comics, gambling has been the theme across all these media. In this article, the specialists of the LeafletCasino service will review the best gambling comics that you can watch if you are from Canada.

What Is a Gambling Comic?

It is a comic book that revolves around gambling. Not a great many comics have been published which solely focus on gambling, but often there have been comics that have hinted at gambling, or have used the activity as the backdrop. A good one would be able to properly represent what goes on in gambling dens and how betting takes place at these institutions.  Gamblers can get a lot of material when it comes to comics regarding the activity. The inspiration works both ways. You can also find some incredible comic book slots, mostly inspired from DC comics.

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When it comes to comics, no one can ignore Japanese manga. In present times, it is the most widely known type of comics all over the globe. In fact, it is probably not surprising that the most number of comics revolving around punting actually come in the form of manga. Let us take a look at the best gambling comics that you should definitely check out.

Psychic Gambler: Betting Man

It is probably one of the most famous manga which involve punting. The protagonist is Ji-Woo, a guy with the ability to see through objects. This piques his interest in poker, and he is able to become a pro at it. Well, if you think about it, any one would be happy to use this power to win at casinos. And especially at a $5 Deposit Casino Canada offers, because you would have to spend very less, and be able to win big, no matter what you do. That sounds really cool, doesn’t it?


“Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai” is a popular manga series starring Shigeru Akagi, a young boy, who defeats yakuza members, at mahjong at the age of 13. Later on, he also beats Iwao Washizu, a person who has become rich by making fraudulent deals in the post-war era, and has managed to become a big name in the underworld. It is one of the biggest series. Mahjong is a betting game of Chinese origin, which is played with 144 tiles, and requires 4 players. You score by being awarded points for the hands of tiles that you get, and then the losers pay the winner the difference of their scores.

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Gamble Fish

This is another popular manga which can be placed at the top. The main character of the story is Tomu Shirasagi, an exchange student at Shishidou, who is also a gambler. He wants to bring the school down, and decides to use punting competitions as his weapon. He uses his sleight of hand, and psychological tricks to make sure that he wins every time.


This is an ongoing series which is set in a dystopian society, in the Hyakkoku Private Academy where elite students are taught the art of deception. The students are supposed to defeat the others in punting competitions. The students who are bad at the activity, are mistreated by the better players. Yureko Jabami, a transfer student appears on the scene, and manages to defeat some of the most talented tricksters at the school, which becomes a cause of concern among the administration.

Justice Society

This one belongs to the DC universe, and revolves around a group of superhero characters which include Doctor Fate, Hawkman, The Spectre, Hourman, Sandman, Flash, Atom, and Green Lantern. There are many villains which appear in this, but the one which can be directly linked to gambling, is Roulette. She is a supervillainess, who owns her own casino, called “The House”, which is a superhuman gladiatorial arena. She first appeared in Special Case #2, and abducted the members of the Justice Society, and made them fight each other. Although all the heroes escape her clutches, Roulette manages to emerge as one of the top villains in the universe.

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Other Sources

The DC universe frequently involves punting in some form or the other. The character Joker, in the Batman comics, is taken from the Joker of cards. The negative role given to this character reinforces the negative image that gambling was supposed to have when the comic was first published. If reading comics isn’t your forte, you can check out these Canadian casino movies too.


If you are a gambler, and want to know more about punting in a fun manner, these comics are the way to go. With the intricate plots and storytelling, the stories will be able to keep you engaged, while you learn more. You would also be exposed to the exciting world of comic books, and if you are interested, you can check out other genres, to understand what the buzz is all about. Reading comics is never a waste of time, and you will always end up feeling refreshed, no matter what you choose. But if you want to read really high-quality ones, make sure you go through the reviews once, just to have a better idea.

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