Rebel Wilson Claims ‘Pitch Perfect’ Contract Prevented Her From Losing Weight

Raymond McKinnon

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Rebel Wilson recently revealed that her contract for the Pitch Perfect movies prohibited her from losing a large amount of weight. The actor, who rose to fame playing Fat Amy in the musical trilogy, said that she was not allowed to “lose a massive amount of weight” until the obligations in the contract were fulfilled. Wilson also shared that she was “stereotyped in playing that fat, funny friend” and wanted to explore more roles, but felt that being a bigger girl pigeonholed her.

In 2020, Wilson decided to embark on a weight loss journey, but not for the reasons one might think. She told The Sun that she wasn’t aiming to reach a certain number on the scale, but instead was focusing on her mental health. Wilson said she was “dealing mentally with why [she] was overeating” and wanted to work on her mental side as well as the physical to stay healthy and happy.

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Universal Pictures has yet to comment on Wilson’s claims. Despite the contract restrictions, Wilson has certainly made her mark in Hollywood and continues to inspire others to be confident in their own skin.

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