Regé-Jean Page ‘hurt’ by racial rejection of DC in Superman series

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  • Regé-Jean Page ‘hurt’ by the racial rejection of DC in the Superman series
  • In 2018 the Krypton series was looking for Superman’s grandfather and Regé-Jean Page has revealed that he was racially rejected by DC.

Even when the producers of the series Krypton sought to make an unconventional casting for Superman’s ancestor, actor Regé-Jean Page has revealed that he feels ‘hurt’ after learning that he was rejected from the role by DC due to a racial issue.

According to DC Films co-founder Regé-Jean Page, he was not the one for the role of Superman’s grandfather as the Man of Tomorrow ‘could not have a black ancestor’.

According to multiple sources who have been cited by ‘The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week at the time, DC Films co-founder Geoff Johns argued that Superman ‘could not have a black grandfather’.

Page made a casting with the intention of remaining in the role of the ancestor of the last son of Krypton, however, he did not know the real reason for his rejection until the recent report, something that he assures has left him ‘hurt’.

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Regé-Jean Page assures that although hearing about these conversations hurts him just as it did at the time, it is even more painful to learn the details that led to him being racially rejected to play the character who according to Johns should look like a ‘Henry Cavill young ‘since that was what people expected ‘.

The departure of Regé-Jean Page from Bridgerton

Undoubtedly one of the reasons why Regé-Jean Page is in the spotlight, in addition to his great acting ability, has been the surprise announcement of his departure from the popular Netflix period drama series.

And it is that almost a week ago it was confirmed that Page would not return to his role as Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings in the second season of Bridgerton in a piece of news that even made Kim Kardashian react.

The reason given for this friendly outing between the producer and the actor is that the series’ story follows a series of arcs and the one that follows involves very little to the Duke of Hastings so Page’s performance has been seen as his contribution to that this advance without meaning that he is totally committed to the show.

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Thus, after impressing critics and audiences in Bridgerton, DC’s decision to reject Regé-Jean Page as Superman’s grandfather on the Krypton show was undoubtedly a missed opportunity on the grounds that the Man of Steel could not.


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