Rege-Jean Page was not satisfied with his level of prominence in season 2 of ‘The Bridgertons’ according to latest information

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  • According to various media according to their sources, the actor made the decision for several reasons, but one of them was that Simon Bassett had too little weight.

It seems that behind the exit of Rege Jean Page of the Bridgertons no more than the duration of a contract and a busy work schedule. According to exclusive information on the Page Six site, which has been echoed by various media such as Screenrant, the young actor would have declined the offer to return in the second season of the series due to “creative differences with the executive producer of the series. Shonda Rhimes and her team “.

Page Six, who attributes the statements regarding Page’s departure to an anonymous Hollywood source, also publishes that these “creative differences” would be related to the interpreter’s degree of satisfaction with the fact that his character, Simon Bassett “Duque of Hastings “, had a lesser weight in the new stage of the series: ” He was not happy with what had been planned for his character in season 2, which would have kept him as a character but not as the main focus, “says the fountain.

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As you may know, season 2 of The Bridgertons, like the literary saga of Julia Quinn, will put the spotlight on the character of Jonathan Bailey, Anthony Bridgerton, who will have to deal with the social season while looking for his ideal wife.

Rege-Jean Page Leaves ‘The Bridgertons’: No Trace Of Simon In Season 2


The information about Page and his decision regarding The Bridgertons does not quite fit with the statements made by the interpreter himself, who had explained to Variety that his arc was always for a season and that, in fact, that had seemed a great attraction. facing the decision to join the project. However, despite these creative differences, the actor’s departure would have happened for good, without any kind of dispute with the team or unpleasant situation.

The departure of Rege Jean Page from the cast of The Bridgertons is a shame for the team and, in fact, creator Chris Van Dusen had assured after the debut of the first season that he hoped to have all of them in the new episodes. Also, The Hollywood Reporter published that the actor would have received an offer to return as a guest artist in three to five episodes of the second season, at a rate of $ 50,000 per episode. However, Page declined the offer “for a multitude of reasons.”

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Now it seems that one of them is that he was not satisfied with the amount of prominence of his character, who certainly could have had a greater weight despite not having been the central nucleus, as Anthony did well in the first season.

However, there are more reasons why Rege-Jean Page chose not to go ahead, as he currently has several projects on the table and for the big screen. Some are already official, like Dragons and Dungeons or The Gray Man, but it seems that the offers are multiplying.

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