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We have to believe that if there’s one thing that Hollywood is never at loss is the plentiful supply of monster movies. Whether it’s the classic era of 1931 or the news stories like I, Frankenstein and Dracula untold, there’s always a monster movie out for the fans of thrillers and horrors.

You might not believe but Renfield will be the first time when Nicolas Cage will be seen playing the role of a Vampire. Now in this movie Cage seems to be like resurrecting a more authentic kind of blood-sucking energy that will be all there for the upcoming thriller-horror Dracula movie.

So if you are a fan of Nic Cage and wondering what will this movie bring out for you? then here are all the details we have collected about the movie Renfield that you might not be aware of but after reading the article you will be.

Release date of RENFIELD

As of now, Renfield does not have any official release date. But there are many speculations hovering around that say that the movie can release sometime in 2023 if there’s a release window for Universal pictures to lockdown. In addition to this, according to the reports from a media portal, the production schedule for the movie is going to begin in early 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now depending upon the pace of the makers and its post-production, we can say that we cannot expect to see the film before 2023 or later.

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Renfield will be casting stars like Nicholas Hoult who will be seen playing the role of the titular henchman. Nicholas Hoult is known for his role of the beast in the most recent X-men films. Like we mentioned earlier Nicolas cafe will be playing the role of Dracula opposite Nicholas Hoult. The Hollywood Reporter also says that we can also expect to see Shang-Chi start playing an important role of the Vampire King. For now, only these characters have been officially signed and announced for the upcoming Dracula movie and no other additional cast announcements have been made.

The movie will be directed by Chris Mckay who has also directed the Lego Batman movie. The screenwriter for the movie will be Ryan Ridley who has adapted the story based on the Kirk’sman outline. So, let’s wait for the upcoming days when Universal Pictures announce new characters who will be joining the production for the movie/

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The story of Renfield will be very different from other vampire movies and will follow the toxic and co-dependent relationship between a henchman and Dracula. That is also the concept after which the movie has been named.

Dracula character was first introduced in Bram Stoker Renfield novel in 1897. In the novel, the character was obsessed with drinking blood because he wanted to achieve immortality and hence the readers meet him as a patient in some asylum. In the novel, Renfirled admires the villain character Dracula and becomes his servant. Dracula who in turn constantly manipulates and teases him by dangling on his assistant’s true desire of life.

So, we can say the story will somehow follow the plotline from the novel. Another few details we know about the movie’s plot is that it will be more like an adventure comedy or oddly enough a breakup movie. In the movie, it is speculated that Renfield will team up with a new character to take down his personal hero and we don’t know the reason behind it. Also, the project is going to take place in a modern-day setting so it might be a reason that the two got finally sick of each other. More details about the plot of the movie might emerge when the makes approach towards the filming and production of the series.

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As the shooting of the film has not begun yet, we cannot expect a trailer or a teaser so soon. But as soon as Universal Picture releases any glimpses or teasers we will be the first ones to share them with you for sure.

So stay tuned to our website as we will keep on updating all the details of the series as soon as they emerge. Do share your expectations from the movie, are you excited to see a new Dracula concept movie? answer us in the comments section below.


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