Rihanna helps clean up at a restaurant after a night out

Samuel Edwards

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Last Thursday Rihanna enjoyed a night out in New York with a group of her closest friends. The singer and businesswoman visited a famous restaurant called Caviar Russe, where she stayed until two in the morning drinking champagne and eating caviar and sashimi.

For a music star like her, no one scowled at her or tried to rush her when closing time came and went without her making any move to leave. However, Rihanna was well aware that the staff had been left working longer than usual because of her.

In such a situation, any other celebrity would have been content to leave a generous tip, but she went further. The waiters were most likely shocked when she got up from her table to help collect and stack the stools against the bar counter. Rihanna may be one of the few members of the exclusive billionaires’ club, but she’s no slouch when it comes to cleaning up after herself.

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