Rihanna Shares Adorable Instagram Video of Her Cradling a Baby

Samuel Edwards

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Rihanna has been caught multi-tasking at the gym while keeping a watchful eye over her 10-month-old baby. In a new video uploaded to the pop superstar’s Instagram account on Saturday, the singer is seen holding her child while attempting to exercise. Although the Barbados-born star has not revealed her baby’s name to the public, the video reveals the little one squirming and smiling as he watches a TV show. Rihanna, who is also pregnant with her second child with rapper A$AP Rocky, shows off her growing belly in the video. Despite it being difficult to tell how far along she is in her pregnancy, she has no qualms about showing off her belly, as she did at the Super Bowl and the Oscars red carpet.

The video shows Rihanna trying to get in a workout while holding her baby, who seems to be enjoying the child-friendly TV show playing in the background. The pop icon manages to keep her child calm and entertained, distracting him with the programme as she exercises. It’s clear from the video that multi-tasking was not an easy feat for the singer.

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Rihanna has been quite open about her pregnancy, sharing pictures of her bare baby bump and revealing her pregnancy cravings. The pop phenomenon continues to maintain her active lifestyle and work on her music career while also handling the responsibilities of motherhood. Despite the challenges, she seems to be thriving as she prepares to welcome her second child into the world.

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