Riverdale Season 5: New Episodes Postponed Again!

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“Riverdale” Season 5: New episodes postponed again

When does the break in the hit series “Riverdale” end? And when can we expect new episodes?

After a three-month break in filming, the second part of the 5th season of “Riverdale” should continue.

“Riverdale”: When will the new Season 5 episodes be available?

Sad but true: The midseason break of the Netflix series “Riverdale” is being extended! What does that mean for us? All those who are hot-blooded waiting for the new episodes of season 5 must now expect another delay, even though the “Riverdale” filming with Vanessa Morgan & Co. has already started. But why? You can guess three times why something is shifting again on a release. Exactly: Due to the corona pandemic. Even if the ” Riverdale ” set has changed a lot, filming is tied to more breaks and strict rules. It was planned that we would be able to stream the new episodes “Riverdale” in Germany from July 8th. Now the US broadcaster “The CW” announced that the start of ” Riverdale ” has been postponed again. The new episodes will now be broadcast in Germany from August 12th. Whether it will stay with this release day or whether changes will creep in again is another question.

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“Riverdale”: How will season 5 continue?

From the second part of Season 5 still, be twelve episodes expected. Fans are excited to see how the fifth season will continue and, above all, how it will end. Will Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge get a second chance? What’s next for Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper? And what dark secrets of the Riverdale residents will come to light? We are excited and hope that the start date will remain on Thursday, August 12th!



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