Riverdale Season 6 Netflix Release Date and Everything you need to know

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Riverdale Season 6: So, if you are feeling a lot much sad about the fifth season coming to an end then trust us after listening to this news your eyes will glow up for sure. There is recent news which says that a new show named Chilling adventures of Sabrina Crossover might soon be coming on to our screens. While the two shows have always been together in each other’s orbit, the streaming giant Netflix has recently announced that season six of Riverdale will feature a special episode that will star Kiernan Shipka that is Sabrina herself.

Season 5 of Riverdale ended with a super dramatic finale that no one expected where we saw Pop’s Diner being set on fire. And we also saw how Betty took on a new position and Veronica plans to return to New York City. The finale of the show also saw major departures with Mark Consuelos who is set to leave the show after his character was exiled from Riverdale as a punishment for his crimes.

While speaking about his departure from the show ROber Aguirre said that they thought of killing the character but then decided to plan up a better exit. He said:

“After everything Hiram’s done—to basically every single character on the show, over the seasons—it felt like Hiram’s story needed to end in a grand, Shakespearean way,” he told Deadline.

“So we thought, ‘What are the punishments in Shakespeare’s plays?’ The two that kept coming up were execution and exile. Since this series is the epic story of a town, the idea that the entire town would come together in unison to collectively exile the villain who’s been tormenting them for years felt right and satisfying.”

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Now as we can see the fifth season is over, fans will also have no doubt about wondering when the teen drama’s sixth series will be landing on our screens. Also, fans have many expectations from the series as well. There is not much information available about season 6 of Riverdale but Aguirre has revealed that the new season will see “the ultimate battle between Good and Evil”.

According to the reports which we got, we will not have to wait much longer for the series to come to us. Thats because The CW announced earlier this year that season 6 of the series would be launched around in the autumn season with a minimum of five episodes. So for all the fans out there here we have collected all the information regarding season six of Riverdale.

Riverdale season 6 release date rumours

Season 5 of the show has just been finished, but the creator of the series has confirmed that a sixth season is also on its way. In fact, the production of the show had commenced. He wrote on his Instagram handle:

“Forces are gathering for the ultimate battle between Good and Evil as the cameras begin to roll on #Riverdale season six,” he wrote on Instagram.

“But who will stand on which side? And who will live, and who will die? Everything has been a prelude to this.”

So, it sounds like season six is about to be one of the most dramatic instalments of the Riverdale series yet. So we can expect the series to be in front of us sometime in autumn as announced by The CW. Season six of Riverdale will be launched with special five episodes together and then the rest of the episodes will be launched later.

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Riverdale season 6 cast

We cannot even imagine our show Riverdale without its main characters that is Lili Reinhart (Betty), Camila Mendes (Veronica), KJ Apa (Archie),  and Cole Sprouse (Jughead). So we would expect all these characters to return back to the sixth season of the series. We are also expecting to see Ashleigh Murray (Josie), Vanessa Morgan (Toni), Charles Melton (Reggie), Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl) and Casey Cott (Kevin Keller) to be back for the upcoming season.

And yes how can we forget the announcement where it was said that Kiernan Shipka that is Sabrina herself will appear in a special episode. It is a hotly anticipated crossover of the chilling adventures of Sabrina.

In an interview with TVLine Aguirre Sacasa said: “We’ve been talking about having Sabrina visit Riverdale since season one, so it’s thrilling that this is finally happening, as part of our Rivervale special event. It’s also perfect that she shows up to help Cheryl Blossom during her hour of greatest need. Everyone on set lost their minds – I think fans will, too. It’s really fun and special.”

But unfortunately, one person that won’t be returning to the series will be Mark Consuelos who has exited the series after four seasons of the show. Season five of the show ended with him when exiled from the community. In his statement Consuelos said:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa for this incredible opportunity. Never before has played a character that was so bad, felt so good.

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“Huge thanks to the Riverdale fandom, to the brilliant crew and amazing cast, whom I consider dear friends and family.”

Riverdale season 6 plot

Currently, it is very tough to predict anything about what will happen in Riverdale season 6 because this drama series keeps on changing its storyline. So we can say that anything could happen to this series especially when we are talking about season 6 of the show.
We are expecting that we could see Betty and Alice continue to process the death of Polly after finally finding her body and discovering that it is none other than Dreyfus who killed her. The series season six can also explore the new relationship between Tabitha and Jughead as well as Veronica and Archie’s.
In short, we can say whatever will be in season six we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed for sure. Aguirre Sacasa also said on Instagram that all previous seasons have “been a prelude to” the upcoming series.

Riverdale season 6 trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have any trailer for Riverdale season 6. But we will surely update it here as soon as we get it from the makers. we are expecting a trailer launch at least one month prior to the premiere of the series. let’s wait and watch what happens.

For all the latest updates on Riverdale season 6 keep following our websites as we will constantly post all the updates as soon as we get them here. Share your expectations from the series in the comments section below.

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