“Riverdale” Shooting Started: Vanessa Morgan With Baby On Set!

Farwa Raza

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After a short break, the filming of “Riverdale” season 5 continues. Vanessa Morgan now visited the set with her baby – the pictures are so cute!

“Riverdale” filming has started again

We are sad! There are currently no new episodes of “Riverdale” and all fans are very desperate about the long dry spell that the mid-season break brings with it. Here we tell you when it will continue with “Riverdale” season 5. But there’s some good news too: it looks like season 5 has resumed filming! In February Vanessa Morgan announced that she had had her baby and fans were quick to wonder how things would go on with “Riverdale”. Well, it goes on again pretty quickly, even for the new mom!

Riverdale Season 5: When Will The New Episodes Arrive?

Vanessa Morgan with a baby on the “Riverdale” set

Vanessa Morgan posted a cute picture of the “Riverdale” set and has her baby with her! She posted two cute photos from “Pops Diner” with her song “River” and wrote in the caption: “Coming back to work looks a little different these days.” The new mom is back on the “Riverdale” set after only two months – you go, girl! Of course, fans and friends totally celebrate it in the comments. Lili Reinhart affectionately commented on the post with “welcome to the set, little Riv”. The little one is sure to be showered with love by Vanessa’s series colleagues. So nice to see how happy Vanessa Morgan looks. Great proof that you can be a super mom and career woman in one without any problems if you get the support you need from your bosses and colleagues. We love it!

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