Run to the cinema to see ‘Swallow’, the horror movie you won’t be able to finish watching


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Every week new horror movies are released in movie theaters, but this time it’s something different, because, although it’s not a film this year, ‘Swallow’, Carlo Mirabella’s new movie, has barely arrived in Mexico. -Davis, about the perception of the perfect woman, and that, of so many explicit images, surely you will not be able to finish seeing.

Although within independent horror there are names that have already established themselves in the more commercial industry, such as Robert Eggers or Ari Aster, there are others such as Ben Wheatley, Ti West or, in this case, Carlo Mirabella-Davis, who with his productions They have gained a space among theaters around the world.

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Now in movie theaters of CinĂ©polis, Cinemex, or selected within Mexico, ‘Swallow’ is already being shown, a horror thriller released in 2019 that has been sufficiently highlighted by different international film festivals, to earn a place among the Mexican public.

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At the moment it is not possible to find ‘Swallow’ on Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video, so if you want to see this story, you better run to the cinema to see it. The story follows Hunter, played by Haley Bennett, a housewife who discovers that she is pregnant. But for some reason, she feels an obsession with swallowing dangerous objects.

What is the horror movie ‘Swallow’ about?

Little by little Hunter’s family, and her husband, begin to notice Hunter’s strange obsession, however, what at first are desires and impulses of unknown origin, she discovers that it is a specific cause that leads her. to eat from glass to tacks.

Surely there will be more than one that this premise has already caused havoc in the stomach, and we do recommend that, if you are sensitive to these issues, be careful to see ‘Swallow’. However, this horror film keeps in its psychology a reflection of the image of women, their expectations and what is expected of them in society.

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Even the director himself, Carlo Mirabella-Davis, mentions that the central theme of ‘Swallow’ is the “perfection of women”, and explains: “I wanted to denote the feeling that there are many stories that take place inside a bathroom for women And as Hunter’s journey comes to an end in one of these cubicles, something similar could be happening to the woman next door.”

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