Rush Hour 4 Release Date and Latest news

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Rush Hour 4 Release Date and Latest news

Rush hour 4 is one of those most anticipated movie sequels that has been talked about for a long time now. It is hard to believe but it’s been more than two decades since comedian Chris Tucker and Hong Kong action superstar and legend Jackie Chan starred together for the first Rush Hour movie. In Rush Hour, Chris Tucker plays a loud-mouthed L.A detective alongside Jackie Chan’s unconventional Hong Kong inspector. The chemistry of the duo and comedic script of the movie made Rush Hour an absolute blast to watch when it first came into the theatres. Since then there have been 3 sequels of Rush Hour making it one of the most successful movie trilogies with great box office records. This proves why big production studios want to brick back together with the iconic duo on the screens. While there have been signs regarding the fourth part as both Jackie and Tucker teased the possibility in 2019, but the project still has to be finalised and the plot is unknown. 

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Tucker has given some information regarding the film as he said ” we’re working on a few things on the script right now. Jackie wants to do it, I want to do it, the studio wants to do it, so we’re trying to get it together.” Things finally got a little clearer when Chris shared a picture of both him and Jackie Chan posing in front of the camera holding up four fingers. But things didn’t settle just yet, as shortly after the Instagram post of Chairs, Chan’s management company confirmed that the action star had not yet decided to star in Rush Hour four, this brought all the speculations to square one.

 So when can we expect to see Rush Hour four? To be honest, we can only guess. Both the production status and the release date of Rush Hour four is not clear and there has been some speculation between the fans that have been worrying the fans regarding the characters and theme of the movie. As in 2019, Tucker told the media that ” Me and Jackie Chan are talking about doing something new and something different, hopefully, we’ll get something going real soon.” According to these statements, we can imagine that both Tucker and Chan are interested in working with each other again, and it’s highly unlikely that the Rush Hour four will happen if any one of them chooses to drop out. News regarding the remaining cast of Rush Hour four is uncertain, there are chances of Justin Hires and Jonathan Patrick Foo coming back to the cast.

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What can the possible plot of Human Hour four be?

While the director of the previous films of the Rush Hour franchise Brett Ratner is not going to come back due to the accusations of sexual misconduct, the producers would likely get someone on board who has a familiar face and a creative team, someone who can understand and can capture the essence of the Rush Hour franchise. Talking about the script of the movie it’s yet to be written so information regarding the plot of the movie is impossible to imagine. And for obvious reasons, there are leaked footage or pictures that confirm the movie has been made or is in the process of making.

But with the prominent signs of the movie given by the actors, we can only imagine that someone has a clear knowledge of what the film might look like. We guess that Lee and Carter will find themselves solving a new case together and will have to face many problems and may have to take down a major international crime racket during the process. And all this will happen as they will give hilarious one-liners two each other while being stupid on the camera.

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  1. The Rush 4 will never be as exciting as Brett Ratners directorship- Rush hour 1-2-3 were stupendous due to Ratners collaboration-


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