Ryan Reynolds contacted T.J. Miller following his criticism of how “edge” he was with him in ‘Deadpool’

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Ryan Reynolds

With more than a year to go until its planned release, ‘Deadpool 3’ is giving something to talk about. Mainly, for the announcement of the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, an unexpected appearance that will delight Marvel fans for the return of the mythical character, and to see how he will fit into the irreverent saga starring Ryan Reynolds.

But also, because of the misunderstanding that would have existed during the shootings of the previous films, according to the version of the one who has been his partner in both, T. J. Miller. The actor and comedian, also known for his participation in the series ‘Silicon Valley’, had said in an interview that Ryan Reynolds did not have the best way to treat him previously.

“It was terribly borderline with me as a character. One day he said to me, ‘Do you know what’s best about you, Weasel? You’re not the star of the movie but you expose yourself enough to make it funny, and then we can go back to the movie,” Miller said in an interview with The Adam Varolla Show.

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A few words that, however, he has rectified after making known that Ryan Reynolds contacted him as soon as he learned of his version. “It was a misunderstanding,” Miller said during an interview with Sirius XM, saying That Reynolds, whom he calls “a cool uncle,” has contacted him via email.

“It was great for him to say to me, ‘Hey, I’ve heard this… that this had bothered you. And I said, ‘Nothing, not so much.’ And then we soon addressed it deeply,” said T.J. Miller, who plays Weasel, the protagonist’s best friend, in ‘Deadpool’.

He also wanted to clarify that he did not say “anything negative” about Ryan Reynolds, and believes that his words were misinterpreted: “I have always maintained that he is a very funny person. I said very good things about him and they are not being talked about. I find it a bit of a scavenger.”

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