Salma Hayek Spills Beans On Her Covid-19 Battle!

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The beautiful actress Salma Hayek revealed that she almost lost her life because of COVID-19 because she refused to go to a hospital to be treated.

The famous actress and businesswoman Salma Hayek scared her fans to death by revealing to a famous magazine that she had a very near-death experience related to COVID-19 and almost did not tell about it.

Recently during a conversation, the Mexican actress revealed some of the most terrifying moments she witnessed during her battle with Coronavirus and definitely surviving the traumatic experience changed her completely, so she steeled herself to tell the story.

Through the famous magazine Variety, Salma Hayek told about the trauma she experienced when fighting COVID-19, and how she had even resigned herself to death, but wanted to do it in her own way and on her own terms, fortunately, she was able to recover.

Salma Hayek almost died of COVID-19.

The Mexican actress, who is married to French businessman François-Henri Pinault, revealed to Variety magazine that she was about to die from the coronavirus because her infection hit her health hard and she believed she would lose her life.

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Through a video call, the famous Mexican told how she was confined for seven weeks in the United Kingdom because, despite the seriousness of her condition, she refused to go to a hospital and declared that if she was going to die, she would do it at home instead of the hospital.

Despite pleas from her doctor to go to the hospital for treatment, the 54-year-old actress flatly refused, and fortunately managed to recover from covid-19 after seven weeks of confinement and care.

Salma Hayek still not fully recovered.

We illuminate you that the lady uncovered that she got oxygen in the wake of recuperating, as she has not yet figured out how to improve totally and is continually drained.

Then again, consistently She recuperates his energy somewhat more and surprisingly uncovered that last April he got back to the chronicle sets of ‘Place of Gucci’, where she offers life to a visionary who helps Patrizia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga.

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