Sam Raimi reveals that before making ‘Spiderman 4’ these doubts have to be resolved


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After the premiere of ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ last year, fans are happy to have seen Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker once again. And now that Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland are taking a break, things seem to be lining up for Spider-Man 4. However, Sam Raimi reveals that there are some details that have to be resolved to make it possible.

Recently Sam Raimi, who is about to release ‘Doctor Strange 2: Into the Multiverse of Madness’, said that he is open to the possibility of making the fourth installment, and canceled, of ‘Spiderman’ with Tobey Maguire, if it is that Sony or Marvel have an interest in making it happen.

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Now, in an interview for Rolling Stone, Sam Raimi recalled what the plans were going to be for ‘Spiderman 4’, which was canceled by Sony in 2011, to make way for the Andrew Garfield saga. There, the director clarified what are the reasons that prevent him from making the requested fourth installment of his franchise.

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It would be the same things that stopped me now that stopped me then: ‘Does Tobey want to do it? Is there an emotional arc for him? Is there a big conflict for this character? And is there a worthy villain that fits the theme of the piece?

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Sam Raimi revealed that “if there was a big story in there” he would be willing to do it. And he added: “There are many questions that would have to be answered. If that could be answered, then I would love to do it ”, because despite the fact that the director has the interest to do it, if there is no story to close the cycle of Tobey Maguire he would not do it.

Sam Raimi and what he misses most about ‘Spiderman 4’

Next, Sam Raimi answered what were the things that he missed the most in the story that he had planned for ‘Spiderman 4’, and the director was clear, “the really cool cameo they had designed for Bruce Campbell”, who had appeared in all three deliveries of the saga, and “Kraven, the Hunter”.

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Said: “[Msyterio] it was one of the possibilities. We also had other things in mind, but that was one of them (…) We were going to work that character in the next Spider-Man; I always wanted to see Kraven fight Spider-Man on the big screen. I thought he would be really unique. He is the ultimate hunter, and Spider-Man is like the most agile trickster in the skies. And I wanted to see Peter move on as a human being.”

Curiously, Sam Raimi did not mention the Vulture, the villain who would be played by John Malkovich, and from whom some scenes from the sketches for ‘Spider-Man 4’ were leaked, which was going to have 3 enemies again against Peter Parker. Now that the conditions seem to be ready for Sony to finally give the project the green light, only Raimi would have to think about what he wants to tell for the closure of his saga.

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