Sandra Bullock supports the idea of ​​​​Daniel Radcliffe becoming Wolverine: “Just choose him”


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With the premiere of ‘Doctor Strange 2: Into the Multiverse of Madness’ just a few weeks away, strong rumors began to circulate, where it was mentioned that Daniel Radcliffe was going to play Wolverine in the UCM, the actor denied them , but now Sandra Bullock wants to make the idea come true.

The expectations placed on the Marvel Cinematic Universe hope that at some point soon they will present once and for all the characters that once belonged to FOX, such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. However, Disney has made no mention of this happening in the immediate future.

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After Hugh Jackman’s farewell in ‘Logan’, it would be the perfect time for Marvel to present a new version of Wolverine, played by another actor. Fans have come up with many names, but one of the most popular is Daniel Radcliffe, who is currently promoting ‘The Lost City’, and his star, Sandra Bullock, has responded to the rumours.

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Wolverine people, can you please just pick him out once? Just do it. Stop tiptoeing past people asking in press junkets. Just pick it, man.”

It might interest you: Daniel Radcliffe clarifies the rumors about Wolverine in Marvel

In an interview for It’s Gone Viral, the protagonists of ‘The Lost City’, Daniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock addressed the recent rumors that the ‘Harry Potter’ actor becomes the Wolverine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they mention that they do not know has come true because the company has not approached him.

Wolverine could be close to the MCU

Wolverine creator Rob Liefeld recently responded to a comment on Twitter asking when they would see Logan’s comics suit on the big screen, to which the artist replied that it could be March 5. What surprised the fans, because it coincides with the release of ‘Doctor Strange 2’.

If this is true, then it would not be Daniel Radcliffe who plays Wolverine in the UCM, much less Hugh Jackman, which leaves only Taron Egerton as a possibility, since he has also been the subject of many rumors around his appearance. in Marvel.

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In the past, Sandra Bullock said she was not “Marvel material” as she would never star in a role within the MCU, despite the fact that at one point she was the actress rumored to play Madame Web, or Wonder Woman in DC Comics. , before Gal Gadot took the role.

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