Sarah Ferguson Makes Important Revelation about Eugenie of York

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Eugenie of York: Sarah Ferguson Makes an Important Revelation about …

Sarah Ferguson, the mother of Princess Eugenie of York, recently revealed an important detail about her daughter’s wedding day. In an interview with HELLO! magazine, Ferguson disclosed that Eugenie had a special request for her wedding dress.

Eugenie wanted her scar from scoliosis surgery to be visible on her wedding day, and her dress was designed accordingly. The princess had undergone surgery to correct a curvature of her spine when she was 12 years old, and she has been an advocate for scoliosis awareness ever since. By showcasing her scar on her wedding day, Eugenie hoped to inspire others with the condition to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

Ferguson said that she was incredibly proud of her daughter for being so brave and using her wedding day as a platform to raise awareness. “It was a huge lesson in courage,” Ferguson stated. “With everything that Eugenie has gone through in her life, she is a very strong young woman.”

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Eugenie’s wedding dress, designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos, featured a low back to prominently display her scar. The princess also chose not to wear a veil so as not to cover up the special detail of her dress.

Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, were married in October 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The wedding was attended by numerous members of the royal family, as well as various celebrities and dignitaries.

By showcasing her scar on her wedding day, Princess Eugenie demonstrated her commitment to spreading awareness about scoliosis and inspiring others to be confident in their bodies. Her bravery and strong character have made her a role model for many, and her wedding day will forever be remembered for its meaningful message.

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