Scarlet Johansson Says “Iron Man 2” “Hypersexualized” Natasha Romanoff

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Scarlet Johansson

INTRO: Scarlett Johansson has played the role of Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, for more than ten years now. Since the first time she secured Iron Man 2, she was featured in several Marvel blockbusters such as Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers Endgame. After a decade, she finally gets her super movie set to release in July with Black Widow’s title.

Over the years, Johansson’s Black Widow character has evolved in many ways that we can even imagine. A few noticeable differences include how she is presented to the audience. and how her on-screen peers speak about her. Back in the year 2010, when it was first featured in Iron Man.  it looked like that the primary focus with Black Widow was her sexuality which Johansson was actually not fond of. Johansson recently criticized the representation of her character in the film, noting that the Black Widow was “Hypersexualized,” and that too throughout the movie.

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Johansson Admits Black Widow Was Hypersexualized in ‘Iron Man 2’ 

Johansson talked at length about Black Widow’s hypersexualization during her recent interview with Collider. She said, “you look back at Iron Man 2, and while it was entertaining. And we had lots of great moments in the movie. But I think the character of Black Widow was very much sexualized. “it was like a piece of something like a thing or any possession or whatever. She added. And even Tony refers to her as something like that at one point.

Her Attitude Toward The Remarks Has Changed Over The Years

Johansson also noticed that although she might have thought the dialogue directed towards her character was flattering at a time, her feelings have now changed as she has become older. She said

“At one point, you can call her a piece of meat, and maybe at that time, it felt like a compliment. But that’s because, at that time, my thinking was completely different. Maybe now my self-worth is probably measured against that type of comment. But now it’s changing, you know. Now the people, young girls, and women are getting a much positive message. It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of that shift and come out to the other side. And being a part of that old story and progress on that same hand. I think it’s pretty cool.”

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Johansson Thinks Natasha Romanoff Got Empowered By Her Sexuality in ‘Black Widow’ 

Even though Johansson doesn’t like how Black Widow was over-sexualized in “Iron Man 2”. She appreciated how the representation of her character has now evolved over the years and in Black Widow specifically.

She said, “I think Natasha uses her sexuality as a means to feel, to sort of manipulate a situation and sly so that she can take your legs out. She is going to be seductive in this way, and that’s her power in character. Her powers are in her sexuality, and then that changed over time. right? Her strength was her vulnerability. That’s the kind of place we are in currently”.

Despite all the odds, we all are very excited because Black Widow will soon hit the theatres and OTT platform Disney+ on July 9. Let’s see how her character has evolved in the series.



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