Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date and Everything we know

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Seven, an amnesiac hitman who is terrible at his profession and often goes after the incorrect person in his execution missions, stars in the animated series ‘Scissor Seven.’ He works as a hairstylist during the day to pay off his debt and is frantically attempting to recover his memory. His desire to recover his lost history often lands him in dangerous situations, but despite his limited skills, the hilarious hero usually finds a way out. The assassin’s humorous escapades have delighted audiences all around the globe since it originally aired on April 25, 2018.

The action-based series has a large worldwide fan base and is praised by reviewers for its humorous and compelling narrative. Fans are wondering whether or not they will see their favourite characters return once the third season concludes. If you are wondering the same thing, do not worry; we got you covered.

Season 4 trailer for Scissor Seven

Season four of Scissor Seven has yet to be revealed. Therefore there will be no trailer for quite some time. Keep an eye here, and we will update you about the trailer just after the release.

Season 4 cast of Scissor Seven

In the English adaptation of the program, actor and comedian Ronny Chieng play aspiring assassin Seven. Chieng has been a reporter on The Daily Show since 2015 and has been in films such as Godzilla vs. Kong and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

As per, Jas Patrick (in the role of Genshin Impact) is set to reprise his role as blue chicken best buddy Dai Bo, with Jill Bartlett (in the role of the American Dad) rounding out the cast as flying chicken, Xiao Fei.

Thirteen, Chairman Jiang, and Mad Bark will most likely be played by Jennie Kwan (a cast of The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf), Karen Huie (a cast of Ghost of Tsushima), and Lawrence Saint-Victor (a cast of The Bold and the Beautiful).

Release Date for Season 4 of Scissor Seven

Season 3 of ‘Scissor Seven’ was released on Netflix in its whole on October 3, 2021. The third series consists of 10 episodes, each lasting 16-20 minutes. Prior to its worldwide release on Netflix, the cartoon series ran in Sohu Video, iQIYI, Youku, Tencent Video and China on Bilibili from January to May 2021.

Here’s all we know about the fourth season of the show so far. The individuals and organizations engaged in the previous episodes’ production have not formally confirmed the series’ fourth season’s renewal. The cartoon program in the future is largely reliant on its domestic reception, which has been unexpectedly positive in recent years. The good evaluations and high ratings in the West and across the globe are now an additional motivation.

Although it is too early to say whether or not fans outside China will like the third season, the last episode closes on a cliffhanger, with Seven battling the consequences of black ice poison, which is slowly eroding his memories and leaving him weak. The ambiguous conclusion demonstrates the producers’ active desire to create another instalment, which appears feasible given the program is ever-growing worldwide following and excellent ratings. The aforementioned reasons virtually guarantee that the cartoon movie will return for a fourth season.

If the program is renewed in the next months, it will most likely premiere in China around the middle of 2022. International fans, on the other hand, may have a long wait ahead of them. The animated version was previously released six months after its completion in China. With that in mind, we can expect season 4 of ‘Scissor Seven’ to debut globally in early 2023.

How many episodes are planned for Scissor Seven season 4 on Netflix?

Season 4 of Scissor Seven is still in development, although no official decision has been made. If Scissor Killer Season 4 is made and Netflix chooses to buy the rights, the license should be for ten episodes of around twenty-five minutes each, as it was for the previous three seasons.

What Could the Plot of Scissor Seven Season 4 Be?

Thirteen awakens from an unusual dream regarding her destiny in the season 3 finale, which brings her to tears. But, before she can reflect on her history, she notices that Seven has vanished. She resolves to defend her buddy right then and begins searching for him. Seven, on the other hand, is in terrible condition by the time she discovers him. The protagonist is battling the effects of black ice poisoning, which is progressively robbing him of his memories and weakening him.

Shimen, Manjusaka, and Blackbird seem to have made up their minds to eliminate Seven, and now only Thirteen hangs in their path. While Manjusaka watches, Blackbird engages in a fierce struggle. Thirteen makes up for the disparity in her skills with the enemy due to the strength of Thousand Demon Daggers and manages to vanquish him.

Seven, however, finds himself in a precarious situation as the black ice poison spreads rapidly. It took him a long time to adapt to his new life on Chicken Island and establish friends. If the protagonist’s memories disappear, he confronts an uncertain future. Furthermore, even if Thirteen beats Blackbird in a titanic fight, Manjusaka and Shimen’s future move is unknown. These two issues are likely to be addressed in the next season, and fans will hope that Seven is able to rescue himself from the worst effects of black ice poison and resume his amusing escapades.

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