Scream 5: Courtney Cox Says it Is Not A Sequel Or Remake!

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Courteney Cox says Scream 5 is not a sequel or a remake, but the beginning of a new saga

Actress Courteney Cox has spoken about Scream 5, saying that it is not actually a sequel or remake of the original 1996 film.

In the mid-90s, in 1996 to be more precise, Scream: Watch Who’s Calling became a phenomenon for lovers of slasher cinema, especially among teenagers who found a love for this genre watching how Ghostface put on check an entire people with their misdeeds. Since then, three more films have made their way to theaters over the years.

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After a long delay, caused largely by the loss of Wes Craven in 2015, Scream 5 will hit theaters in 2022 with regulars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox, the latter having spoken about the nature of the new movie.

While speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show, Cox explained that Scream 5 is not actually a new chapter for the franchise established in 1996, but rather the beginning of an entirely new saga that will kick off in 2022.

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Naturally, the presence of Campbell, Arquette, and his own seem to indicate that, in a way, this “new franchise” will have some kind of connection with the quartet of Scream films that we already know, unless the intention is to do something similar. To what happened with Ghostbusters in 2016, using the actors, but not their characters. Judging by the respect Wes Craven has on the team, it doesn’t seem like that’s the route.


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