Scream to release on January 14 in Canadian theatres that are open

Iksha Tiwari

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Scream also known as 5cream will only play in theatres and in certain parts of Canada. According to the recent reports, there was a tweet from Barry Hertz who is director for the Globe and Mail. He said in a tweet that the anticipated horror movie will premiere on January 14th at the Canadian Theatres open.

So this means that all the moviegoers in Quebec and Ontario, unfortunately, won’t be able to make money as both provinces’ theatres are entirely shut down. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic especially because of the Omnicron variant surge all the theatres have been shut down.

It is no surprise that we all know SCREAM aka 5Cream will be released on January 14th in all the Candian Theatres that open. After some time it will expand its availability to different theatres across the country. Here’s the tweet Barry Hertz:

Furthermore, according to Hertz, the film will not receive any early premium video on demand release on platforms like Google Play and iTunes in some specific regions. Cineplex also recently announced that it has laid off almost nearly 5,000 part-time employees in Ontario due to the different provinces ‘ mandated closure of theatres.

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Scream is coming back after 25 years of a streak of murders that have occurred in the town of Woodsboro, California. Now in the movie, there will be a new killer who will be donning the Ghostface mask and will now target a new set of teenagers. Notably, Ontario’s own Neve Campbell might reprise her Scream series role of Sidney Prescott in the new film.

Now, we know that the rules have changed in the game and it will be quite interesting to see if Scream can adapt those rules or not. Or it will once again try and revisit the slasher. For that, we will have to wait for a short while until the film’s release. As far as other details are concerned, we will surely update you if anything reaches out to us.

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