Selena Gomez reflects on the hard road traveled before her 30th birthday

Jonny Hector

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Almost a week after reaching her thirties, singer Selena Gomez wanted to share with her Instagram followers a couple of photos related to the celebrations that made her big day a particularly special one, surrounded as she was by friends and family.

The artist has also taken stock of the eventful decade of the twenties that she had to live under the intense public scrutiny derived from her fame. The new protagonist of the series ‘Only murders in the building’ has recognized that the road has been very hard, full as it has been of moments of difficulty and, also, of experiences that have made her feel very fulfilled.

“My twenties have been a path of good, hard, and also beautiful moments. And I will never forget them. Each of them has molded me into the person I am today. I continue to learn, but I am increasingly clear about what I want and what I think is important, “he reflected on the maturity acquired in all these years.

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His health problems and, more specifically, the kidney transplant he had to undergo in 2017 to contain the effects of Lupus disease, which had been diagnosed shortly before, have had a notable impact on his vision of life and the world around him. His sentimental career, shared at the time with Justin Bieber and, later, with the singer The Weeknd has also served to strengthen his self-esteem and to value his current stage in singleness.

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