Selena Quintanilla: Four-Year-Old British girl who sings like Selena Quintanilla on TikTok

Maliya Kabs is only four years old, and millions of people already know her in her native UK and abroad. The videos with her father since she was almost a baby inside the car while the girl sings in different languages ​​have become very popular on the internet with millions of visits each. In a new video that circulates on the TikTok network, “Mali” is seen, as they say in his family, singing some verses of the famous song by Selena Quintanilla Bidi Bidi Bom Bom and later interpreting Como la flor, another of the great successes of the queen of tex-mex. The video has reached 7.5 million views in less than three days.

@thekabsfamilyI told Mali I could speak 12 languages ​​😂👀 I guess I wasn’t ready for the test lol Part 2 #thekabsfamily #Fyp #fatheranddaughter♬ original sound – The Kabs Family

The little girl tells her father in English that she can speak Portuguese, the Twi language (originally from Ghana) and French thanks to the fact that her aunt and sister have taught her. To demonstrate her skills in various languages, the girl also sings Selena’s lyrics in Spanish and the song Tempo Antigo in Portuguese .

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Her parents, Chanel and Tay Kabs, decided to quit their old jobs to pursue their YouTube channel full time. In the social network they show what life is like for them and their three children: Teija (11 years old), Maliya (four) and TJ (only one year old). What seemed like an unattainable dream has come true and now the Kabs family has more than 874,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than a million people follow them on TikTok. “The best thing for us is spending time together and working as a family,” said the mother, Chanel, in an interview with the British newspaper The Mirror .

What started out as a father-daughter game has become the Kabs family’s new business. During the pandemic, his videos became even more popular. With the confinement, the father and the girl spent a lot of time in the car listening to songs for fun. “Who would want to see my daughter and me sing in the car?” Said the father. From the number of visits to his videos it is clear that many people.

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