Selena: The Series Season 2: Arrival Confirmed! Deets Inside

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The second season of ‘Selena: The Series’ will arrive on Netflix this May 4. The show was renewed for a second season after its immense success globally. The show revolves around the early life of Selena Quintanilla, the famous singer who passed at the age of 23.

At first, it had been announced that the second part of this series would premiere on Friday, May 14, however, Netflix ran the date to May 4 after the first part came out on December 4, 2020.

After the series arrived on Netflix on May 4, social networks have been flooded with gratitude for bringing the life of the Queen of Tex-Mex to the small screen and with details.

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What will “Selena: The Series” season 2 be about?

The second part of “Selena: The Series” picks up where the first part left off and attempts to give viewers a closer look at her conflicting experiences and feelings as the singer became more famous and got closer to recording her first album. in English.

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While Selena Quintanilla, played by Christian Serratos, gets more attention in the second part, she still finds herself back up for the rest of her siblings in what remains more of a family drama than a revealing biographical series.

Desperately longing for the love she’s been singing about, Selena continues to see Chris Perez (Jesse Perez) despite her family’s disapproval.

She also becomes more vocal about the things she doesn’t like and the things she wants as she establishes herself as a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and business owner, a huge departure from the first part, which showed her as the daughter. submissive and “perfect” that he agreed with everything his father said.

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