Serena Williams took an entire night to do her hair for Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Raymond McKinnon

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Serena Williams

Before everything went wrong and the couple left the British monarchy, Harry and Meghan’s link was experienced in 2018 as an event that represented the apparent modernization of an institution so reluctant to change.

What set it apart from other royal weddings was that it brought together members of the British aristocracy who had been invited by the groom along with the bride’s celebrity friends, who flew in primarily from Los Angeles for the occasion.

Serena Williams belonged to the latter group. Although it has always been questioned how close the two women really were before Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry transcended, the important thing is that the tennis player did not want to miss the occasion and took the opportunity to challenge the most outdated beauty canons by sticking to to protocol, but taking it to his field.

“The most iconic thing about this look is that I said to myself: ‘It’s a royal wedding, and I’m sure I’m going to wear braids,'” she confessed in a new interview with Vogue.

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It took three people to braid her hair into a high, thigh-length ponytail before adding a matching headpiece to her pink Versace gown to keep up with tradition at daytime events.

“I was so tired that I decided to go to sleep. So I lay down and the girls continued braiding until the next morning when they finally finished. It was a very long process, but it was definitely worth it,” she opined.

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