Seth Rogen Spills Beans On His Encounter With Tom Cruise

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Seth Rogen reveals a strange encounter he had with Tom Cruise at his home.

The actor and director Seth Rogen has spoken in the last hours about how his relationship with James Franco is today and has also revealed a strange date he had with Tom Cruise.

Actor Seth Rogen and director Judd Apatow had a strange encounter with Tom Cruise one day. It happened in 2006 when both were summoned to the Los Angeles mansion of the protagonist of ‘Mission: Impossible’ to talk about comedy, as Rogen has now revealed in his new book.

The reunion came when Rogen was shooting the movie ‘Embarrassing Mess’ with Apatow, and about a year after Tom Cruise was teased and analyzed for his mental state following his interview with Oprah Winfrey in which he jumped on a sofa.

Rogen reveals in his book that he felt all of that was strange as soon as he arrived and saw Tom Cruise, his then-wife, Katie Holmes, and their newborn baby, Suri, waiting to receive him.

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“[Holmes] had a vague ‘please get me out of here’ expression on his face, ” Rogen notes in his post. When Apatow arrived later, the three of them sat down and had a four-hour talk about cinema. Then the conversation drifted slightly towards the public perception of the superstar.

“There is a coordinated effort to make me look that way,” Cruise explained. When Rogen asked who was behind it, the ‘Top Gun’ star confidently replied, “The pharmaceutical industry because my exposure of their fraud has cost them so much money that they are desperate. They are struggling and doing their best. to discredit me so that it does not hurt sales further.”

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When Rogen cautiously asked, ” Did Big Pharma make you jump on Oprah’s couch? ” Cruise explained that the recording had been edited “to make it look a lot worse than it was. They do that all the time. You should see it! What do you do to my friend Louis Farrakhan! ”

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Then, and always according to Rogen’s account, Apatow brought up in conversation that the religious leader had a history of blatantly anti-Semitic comments, and Cruise rebutted by saying that Farrakhan was “great.”

“Look, that’s the media,” he explained. “They’re distorting everything! Look at my religion, for example, Scientology. They make it seem so different than it is! If you gave me an hour to tell you, you would say, ‘In just an hour I could change your mind completely.’

Rogen writes that both he and Apatow politely declined Cruise’s offer of a free introductory Scientology course and left.


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