Seth Roger Won’t Share Screen With James Franco Anymore

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Rogen does not know if he still remains a friend of Franco.

Since Seth Rogen and James Franco shared the screen on the US sitcom Freak and Geeks, the pair have maintained a friendship that dates back just over twenty years. However, his relationship with the media has been repeatedly overshadowed by the sexual misconduct and harassment controversies that have engulfed Franco in recent years. Although Rogen tried not to get too involved in the issue and even received criticism for it, now it seems that his position has undergone a significant change.

In a recent interview, Seth Rogen confessed that he has no plans to work on another movie with James Franco in the near future. The friends have already collaborated together on The Pineapple Express, The Disaster Artist, or The Interview, to the aforementioned series. It was precisely around the time that ‘Disaster’ debuted in theaters, that the accusations against Franco began to happen. This caused, for example, that the actor did not achieve the Oscar nomination, among other things, but did not cause Rogen to condemn his behavior.

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His position at that time was highly criticized both by his fans and by the media in general. And Rogen underwent an interview in which he was asked directly if he would continue working with his friend and colleague after the details that had come to light, and the actor nodded without hesitation.

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I look back at that 2018 interview in which I commented that I would continue to work with James, and the truth is that I have not done it and I do not plan to do it right now,” he said recently.

Rogen was also accused of covering up for his friend in this type of controversy. A month ago, actress Charlyne Yi accused Franco of a “sexual predator” because he allegedly tried to bribe her into getting a bigger role when she tried to leave the production of The Disaster Artist. Yi assured that Rogen knew about bribery and was a kind of “facilitator.”

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Yi also criticized a sketch in which Rogen joked about the allegations surrounding Franco on Saturday Night Live. The actor also referred to this question in the middle of the interview.

“I can say that I despise abuse and harassment and would never cover up or hide the actions of someone who does, or put someone else in a situation where they have to be close to someone like that,” he clarified. “However, I remember that joke I did on Saturday Night Live in 2014 and I am so sorry I did. Honestly, it was a terrible joke.


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