Sex Education Season 3: Netfilx Release Date? Here’s What We Know

Itziar Morte

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The fans of British comedy-drama Sex Education have been waiting for quite a long period of time since its last season premiered on the streaming giant. It’s been over a year since the release of its second season but still, there is not a single official update regarding its new season. Previously reports emerged that the show has been confirmed for a 2021 return and that its third season will premiere in 2021.

Sex Education Season 3 Release Date?

Sex Education is one of Netflix’s most-watched teen dramas, which is also highly acclaimed. Previously there were reports about the release of Season 3 in 2021, but after all when? A piece of rumor sailing around the waves of Reddit claims that the show will be returning to our screens in July this year. Though this is not an official announcement, Reddit users have never failed in dropping rumors about a release date that eventually turned true. For now, we can predict that the show might be released in June or August of 2021 until there is an official announcement regarding its delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sex Education Season 3 Plot?

Season 2 of the British drama ended on an intense cliffhanger with Issac (George Robinson) deleting Otis’s (Asa Butterfield) voicemail to Maeve (Emma Mackey). In the second season, we saw Otis realizing his true feelings for Maeve, but he gets late as Maeve’s new neighbor Issac steps into the show to scatter the limelight. The third season of the show will definitely be a turning point in the love story of Otis and Maeve along with many sex educational plots for which the show is famous

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