Sex Education Season 4: Actress confirmed that she will not return with her character to the drama

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Sex Education Season 4: Actress confirmed that she will not return with her character to the drama

Sex Education, the British teen drama that premiered in January 2019 and quickly became one of the most-watched shows on the Netflix streaming platform, returned for its third season in September last year with a huge twist at the end. of the installment, which showed several of the characters going their own way.

So far, fans of the series that follows the life of Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), continue to wait for details of the story of season 4. However, both Netflix and the production of the program keep everything secret. What is known is that one of the favorite characters of the fans will not be back with the next episodes.

When Sex Education appeared on screen for the first time, fans met Olivia Hanan, one of the members of the popular group ‘The Untouchables’, played by Simone Ashley, who came as the main character to later appear as a recurring character in the second and third installments of the Netflix series.

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In Sex Education, the character of Simone Ashley is well known for having caused a stir in Moordale during Season 1, after revealing Ruby’s identity at a school assembly. In the next installment, she was seen going to Otis to get advice from her to help her fight the problem she had in her relationship with Malek Amir.

On Sex Education, Simone Ashley appeared in a total of 15 episodes as Olivia Hanan. Unfortunately, the star will not be back for Season 4 of the British Netflix series. Recall that the actress starred in the second season of the Netflix period drama, Bridgerton, and according to the statements, she will not be back to meet the Moordale gang when the next episodes are released.

Simone Ashley now plays Kate Sharma in Bridgerton, showing her romantic history with Anthony in Season 2. And it was on This Morning, when Ashley was asked about her future on Sex Education and whether she will return for Season 4. The star who gave her life Olivia Hanan assured that she will not reprise her role and therefore she will not meet with the Moordale students again.

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“No. I get asked this all the time, but no. I’m a Bridgerton girl now,” the actress replied.

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