Shadow And The Bone: Who’s Who In The Netflix Show?

Farwa Raza

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We review the main protagonists of the literary adaptation of Leigh Bardugo that has just arrived on Netflix, a universe ruled by magicians and where darkness wants to impose itself.

Five novels from two different sagas, two opposite cities, two armies, and various types of magicians. A whole gray has so to lose yourself concentrated in the eight chapters of the first season of ‘ Sombra y Hueso’, the new fantastic Netflix series inspired by the literary universe of Leigh Bardugo. So that you don’t miss any detail, we have prepared who’s who to make the task easier for you.




With tsarist and palatial aesthetics, Ravka is the home of the Second Army, that is, the armed force of the Grisha magicians. They have been at war for centuries both with the kingdom of Fjerda, a territory from which the permafrost separates them, and also faced with the country to the south, Shu Han, who is their staunch enemies. Ravka is divided by the Noceano, a dark mist inhabited by the velcro, which is advancing little by little. The Dark One (Ben Barnes) lives in the royal palace of Ravka, where they train the Grisha, and that is where they will transfer Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) to train her.

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She is apparently a cartographer for Ravka’s First Army. An orphan, mixed-race Shu, which makes her despised and marginalized in Ravka’s army, she is small, with a weak appearance, and without a special beauty. Played by Jessie Mei Li, she discovers through the shadow an unknown Grisha power as a summoner of the sun. She is transferred to Ravka’s palace to be trained by The Dark One (Ben Barnes), with whom a bestial love-hate tension is established. His power is the only one capable of destroying the volcra and the shadow.


Captain Kerrigan, the Dark One, played by Ben Barnes is the only one capable of controlling darkness and darkness. He is the leader of the second army, the armed wing of the Grisha, but he is also a character who hides much more than he shows. Fascinated by Alina’s power, he establishes a dominating relationship with her that takes her away from her past, from Mal, and tries to convince her to unite their powers, although Alina is suspicious. Clever girl.

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Portrayed by Archie Renaux, Mal Oretsev is Alina’s childhood friend, since they grew up together in the same orphanage, he is the best tracker in the first army. A friend of fights, his affection for Alina goes far beyond their shared childhood. He has a small relationship with the beautiful Zoya, which makes Alina very nervous and jealous. Mal lost her family in the border wars and was born very close to Shu Han’s border. It is her affection for Mal that activates Alina’s powers as a summoner of the sun.


Before joining the raven band Matthias Helvar ( Calahan Skogman ) was a religious soldier, a kind of Slavic Templar, or member of an order akin to the Inquisition. Hailing from the frozen kingdom of Fjerda, these soldiers, who are trained with wolves in Bardugo’s novels, hunt down the Grisha whom they accuse of witchcraft and seek to destroy them. He was jailed on charges of slave trafficking but Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, and Nina Zednik free him to join Los Cuervos.

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