Shang-Chi Ending Clarified: Answer Of 6 Biggest Questions

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are here, and its action-packed conclusion may have left you with some unanswered issues. For starters, what exactly were those flying creatures? And to whom or what were the Ten Rings calling? Continue reading to get all of your questions about the latest Marvel film addressed.

Shang-Chi Ending Clarified Spoilers

So, what happened during the Shang-Chi ending? Shang-Chi, Katy, Xialing, and Trevor Slattery all cross into the mysterious town of Ta-Lo, which is where Shang-Chi and Xialing’s mother, Li, were born. Wenwu, the villain, is pursuing them because he believes Ta-Lo is holding Li captive behind a sinister-looking, massive fence.

An epic battle ensues, in which Shang-Chi confronts his father while the community battles the Ten Rings organization. Wenwu, on the other hand, opens the gate, and the Soul-Eaters emerge, soon followed by the Dweller in Darkness himself. Everything appears to be lost until the Great Protector comes from the ocean to aid in the struggle, and the combined powers of Ta-Lo and the Ten Rings save the village and the world.

Is Wenwu Dead?

While Shang-Chi and Wenwu fight, the gate begins to disintegrate, and Soul-Eaters begin to flee one by one. As the conflict proceeds, Shang-Chi looks to be able to seize control of the Ten Rings while still attempting to reach Wenwu and stop his attack.

Is Shang-Chi An Avenger Now?

Shang-Chi and Katy discuss the Ten Rings with Wong, Bruce Banner, and Captain Marvel in the first post-credits sequence. Bruce reminds them that now that they are heroes, their lives are about to change forever.

While this does not necessarily imply that Shang-Chi has become an official Avenger, it does appear to be a pretty strong hint that he’s about to become a full-time hero, so you can certainly expect to see him in the cast of the next major team-up movie, whenever that may be.

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Who Is Captain Marvel Interjected By?

While Captain Marvel and the others are conversing, she receives some sort of communication, which causes her to rush out in the middle of the conversation. According to Bruce, Carol does that a lot, so it’s possible she was called away for her usual intergalactic responsibilities, or it may be a hint about her upcoming sequel film, The Marvels.

Monica Rambeau, who made her MCU debut in WandaVision, and a new teenage hero, Kamala Khan, AKA Ms Marvel, will star in Captain Marvel 2. In this situation, may one of them be attempting to contact Carol? It’s possible, but we’ll have to wait until November 2022 to find out for sure.

Why Is Bruce Banner’s Arm Cracked?

Bruce appears to be able to revert to human form after being trapped as Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame. That didn’t appear to help his arm, which was in a sling after he used the Infinity Gauntlet to undo the Blip. This is most likely why Bruce still has it bandaged up. However, given that he’ll also be participating in She-Hulk Disney Plus series, it’s feasible that he’ll damage it again during the events of the TV programme, assuming that the series is set around the same time as Shang-Chi.

Who Are Shang Chi’s Rings Been Try Contacting?

The Rings are sending out a beacon into space, as revealed in the post-credits sequence. It’s unknown who they’re reaching out to, although the Rings have intergalactic roots in the comics. The Mandarin rescued them from the wreckage of a ship from the planet Maklu IV; the Makluans are basically massive dragons.

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What’s Next For The Ten Rings Association?

The Ten Rings organisation is now in the hands of Xialing, who appears to have already made a significant change: women are now included in the organization for the first time. It’s unknown whether they’ll continue their wicked operations. Still, Shang-Chi just had a less-than-heroic sister presented in Marvel comics, so Xialing may not be making major changes to the group’s mode of operation. She did, however, establish herself to be heroic material in the film. Thus, the Ten Rings are likely to be more morally grey than overtly wicked from now on.

Wong and Abomination are seen fighting at the Golden Dagger Club, which Xialing owns. Surprisingly, they appear to be buddies, with the implication that they’re training together and that they both pass through the same portal after the fight. But it’s unclear how these two met and got to know each other.

Who Is Mother Of Shang-Chi’s? And Who Is Ying Nan?

Shang-name Chi’s mother is Li, and she encountered Wenwu, his father, in the mystical forest that protects Ta-Lo. There is no comic book basis for her character. Thus everything we know about her comes from the film. She left the jungle to live with Wenwu, Shang-Chi, and Xialing but was murdered by men who wanted to harm her husband.

Meanwhile, Ying Nan is Li’s sister, as well as Shang-Chi and Xialing’s aunt. She dwells in Ta-Lo and, like Li, has no origins in Marvel comics. In the film, you’ll witness her assisting Shang-Chi in coming to terms with who he is and the best way to deal with his father.

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Are The Soul-Eaters From The Comics? Why Dragon Scales Miffed Them?

There is a comic book origin tale for the Soul-Eaters, and it involves Doctor Strange. They are Sixth Dimensional beings who once possessed the spirit of a little kid in Manhattan. Doctor Strange entered the boy’s souls cape to try to expel the Soul-Eaters, but the animals, who were fleeing some nasty robots, were apprehensive about leaving. The Sorcerer Supreme eventually had to combat one of the Soul-Eaters who had been nominated as a champion and persuaded them to move on to other hosts.

What Is Ta-Lo?

Ta-Lo is a mystical village surrounded by a magical forest, and it is also the home of Shang-mother Chi’s and aunt. It’s the setting for the film’s climactic conflict, as well as the Great Protector’s undersea dwelling.

Ta-Lo, also known as the Great Canopy of Heaven in Marvel comics, is a God Realm and pocket realm adjacent to Earth, with tunnels between the hamlet and the planet located on each of its Five Great Mountains. It is populated by mystical creatures, just like in the film. However, unlike in the film, it is also home to the Xian, who are Taoist gods, and is one of 36 heavens.

When Will Shang Chi Next Will Be Returned?

Nothing concerning a sequel has been formally confirmed as of yet, with only the promise that “the Ten Rings will return” to go off. However, based on the MCU’s usual trend, it appears like Shang-Chi will appear again, most likely in a sequel but maybe in a future team-up picture.

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