Sharon Osbourne fears she’ll always be haunted by ‘racist’ for life

Samuel Edwards

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Sharon Osbourne

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, the no less mediatic Sharon Osbourne, starred in the umpteenth controversy of her career a year ago during one of her fiery arguments on the American program ‘The Talk’, from which she ended up leaving through the back door due to to the very negative reaction that his words brought about.

The talk show host did not hesitate to defend the no less controversial Piers Morgan, a British journalist who has been converted for years into a scourge of political correctness and a symbol of the conservative right, in relation to his incessant criticism of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. On that occasion, Morgan mercilessly attacked her again, considering that the former actress was exploiting a victim position about her condition as a mestizo person, and Sharon was quick to support him publicly and to assume the presenter’s speech as her own.

As soon as she did, her tablemate Sheryl Underwood snapped at her and claimed that Sharon’s position was outright “racist”, sparking a whole movement against the British on social media. The show’s management succumbed to the pressure and wasted no time in letting go of his services, supposedly on a temporary basis as the producers pondered how to weather the storm. As usual, Sharon Osbourne has ended up being resurrected like the phoenix and this week she has visited the set of ‘Good Morning America’ to defend herself again and, also, to express her fear that the American public opinion perpetuates that image, false to his judgment, which he would have of her.

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“Like I said on the show: ‘You just planted a seed, and that seed will never leave me. The damage is done.’ And I’m not going to apologize, because I don’t regret what I said. I raised certain questions,” said the matriarch of the Osbourne clan defiantly. “What happened to me, what I felt about it, the time it took me to get over it mentally. I just want to show that I’m above it,” she has sentenced.

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