‘Shazam’ Director Admits He’d Never Make a Superman Movie Because of Fans


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When it comes to choosing a new project, the directors and the studios are very clear about which of them they will join, according to their tastes and the themes that they could develop in the story. But for the director of ‘Shazam’, David L. Sandberg, he believes that DC Comics fans are too “picky” that he could not do something related to the character of Superman.

Right now, the character of Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe is an unsolved mystery, because after the premiere of ‘Justice League Snyder Cut’ on HBO Max, speculation that the reboot of the multiverse with ‘The Flash’ would leave out any trace of the Kryptonian and Ben Affleck, although nothing is confirmed by Warner.

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Now, in an interview for ComicBook, director David F. Sandberg, in charge of the first installment of ‘Shazam’, has explained that he would prefer to take charge of another installment of the story starring Zachary Levi, rather than put himself in charge of a movie of Superman, because of the fans.

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[Si tuviera que elegir] at some point in my life I would have said Superman, but there is so much anticipation and the fans are so hard you know you’re going to piss someone off for sure. Seeing how some people react to movies like The Last Jedi makes me feel like I want to get as far away from that as possible.”

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Unlike other company characters, Zachary Levi’s had never been brought to the big screen, which is why Sandberg decided to adapt: ​​“Shazam! It was perfect because it had never been adapted. Even if there are people who still think or think it’s not well done, I can handle it comfortably.”

Fans want the return of Superman in the UEDC

Fans have speculated about a confrontation between Shazam and Superman, to which Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam would also be invited, however, the internal conflicts that the UEDC has brought make it almost impossible for Henry Cavill to have a chance within the projects of the company.

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And it is that despite the fact that Superman has had several cameos in the deliveries of the UEDC, being the HBO Max series, ‘Peacemaker’, the most recent, and with a reference precisely in ‘Shazam’, without seeing Cavill’s face, the character hasn’t had a solo installment since Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ was released in 2013.

Sandberg became well known in the industry for having worked on ‘When the lights go out’, the horror film inspired by the viral short film of the same name, and later with ‘Anabelle 2’. There are fans who hope to see Superman in ‘Shazam 2’ and although it seems impossible, there are those who remain hopeful.

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