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In the post-pandemic era, a movie premiere, to be truly effective, must be given in a setting that is as “friendly” as possible. For example, the big tanks must arrive at the rooms one by one so as not to divide the audience and centralize it in a production. With this criterion in mind, it is that DC and Warner make the decision to delay the premiere of “Shazam! Fury of Gods”.

Avatar sequel is on the way

The new superhero movie was going to hit the theaters on December 16, 2022 but it will do so on the 21st, five days later than planned, because the 16th will be the grand premiere of the highly anticipated “Avatar: The Way of Water” and the producers don’t want to pit the two films against each other as they understand that the film starring Asher Angel and Zachary Levi will be the big hit in this showdown.

Shazam is a superhero created in 1939 by screenwriter Bill Parker and cartoonist Clarence Charles Beck. Shazam the alter ego of Billy Batson, a boy who, by pronouncing the magic word “SHAZAM” (Acronym for six “immortal elders”: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury), can transform into an adult with superhuman strength , speed and ability to fly. Among the villains he battles are Doctor Sivana, Seven Deadly Sins, Black Adam, and Mister Mind.

In “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” will see the hero facing new, much more dangerous threats after defeating Sivana and the Seven Deadly Sins in the first film. An epic film that will arrive just before the Holidays, as an early gift from Santa Claus.

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