she shares a touching photo

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she shares a touching photo

Due to health problems, Celine Dion announced a few months ago that she was forced to postpone the start date of her new residency in Las Vegas, and to cancel the end of her American tour. Announcements which obviously worried the many fans of the singer who seem to be in a complicated period of her life.

This Saturday, April 23, via her Instagram account, Celine Dion shared her grief following the announcement of the death of athlete Guy Lafleur, a hockey star who was 70 years old. To do this, the star with millions of albums sold posted a photo of the athlete with his eldest son René Charles, a true hockey enthusiast. All accompanied by a very touching message, testifying well to the attachment that the whole family had for Guy Lafleur: “A great sports legend has left us… A gentleman who inspired and who was an idol for so many people. I offer my most sincere condolences to Guy Lafleur’s family, to his loved ones and to all those who were fans of Le Démon blond. It is an honor that my very dear son RC had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lafleur. We will always remember this moment which had a huge impact on our family. »

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A sharing that touched many…

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VIDEO – Celine Dion unveils an unpublished photo of René-Charles for a sad reason

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