Shock for “Harry Potter” fans: “Fantastic beasts” before the end?

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  • Harry Potter” is one of the most popular film series ever. With “Fantastic Beasts” one wanted to build on the hype of the fans. But it looks like the spin-off could be about to end.

Shock for fans of “Harry Potter”: is it over after “Fantastic Beasts” Part 3?

There are always new rumors about new series and films from the magical world. Only recently it was speculated whether a “Harry Potter” series is being planned. Which we all really still secretly hope for. In order to give fans a deeper insight into the world of wizards, the spin-off “Fantastic Beasts” was tackled and that was quite motivated! From the beginning, 5 films of the new edition about “Newt Scamander” (Eddie Redmayne) were planned. Slowly but surely, however, many problems are creeping in. After a big scandal, “Fantastic Beasts 3” had to be replaced by the villain Johnny Depp. Now rumors are buzzing around that the third part of the spin-off will also be the last film in the series! Will there soon be no new parts from the “Harry Potter” world?

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“Fantastic Beasts”: “Harry Potter” spin-off about to end?

Unfortunately, that is not so unlikely. According to, Daniel Richtman, an insider and author from the film industry, revealed in his podcast “Patreon” that a new rumor is floating around: The end of “Fantastic Beasts 3” is to be turned in such a way that it is theoretically also the end of the whole thing Could be spin-offs. The reason for this is very simple: “Fantastic Beasts” cannot even begin to match the success of “Harry Potter”. Part 2 “Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s Crimes” brought in just 655 million dollars, while the last “Harry Potter” film, for example, grossed an impressive 1.3 billion. Even with the fans, the hype about the spin-off should not be so great. So if “Fantastic Beasts” Part 3 doesn’t go so well, it could well happen that the fourth and fifth films will be canceled. Let’s hope that these rumors are really just rumors. In any case, we will be busy going to the cinema as soon as we can again.

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