SHOCK revelations about his relationship with Jean-Jacques Goldman

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Mort de Régine : révélations CHOC sur sa relation avec Jean-Jacques Goldman

Régine, the symbol of the world of the night

“Régine left us peacefully on May 1 at 11 a.m.“. It is a very sober press release which announces the death of the singer, through her granddaughter. At 92, Régine leaves with probably millions of memories and can boast of having made the evenings of many people even more crazy and festive. It must be said that Régine is a woman of experience since she began to host dance parties when she was only in her twenties. She is passionate about American dances and a vocation develops in her and expresses itself.

In 1956, she opened her very first establishment and decided to give it her first name. There are many stars who push the doors of this festive place, like Brigitte Bardot or Georges Pompidou. It’s all the gratin of the capital who meet there, when the sun has set. But its success does not stop at the borders of France: it is global. It opens establishments dedicated to dance and crazy parties in New York, Rio, Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez…

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She is not content with being a formidable businesswoman, Régine also likes to sing. Thanks to her wide network, the greatest artists work with her and write her songs: Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Henri Salvador…

Jean Jacques Goldman not convinced by the presence of Régine at Les Enfoirés

Anonymous and personalities take part in Régine’s evenings. She launches into the song. It opens establishments around the world. Everything succeeds in Régine. She can use her notoriety for good. A participation in the Enfoirés makes sense, she who is known to all and knows how to sing. But she never finds herself on stage with her fellow artists. Why ? Because of Jean-Jacques Goldman, according to the main interested party.

It was at the microphone of RTL radio, in 2017, that she made this revelation: “Goldman never wanted to. He said ‘No, she deals with drugs, it doesn’t work with our thing’”. Régine indeed founded SOS Drogue International. It was before the Restos du Cœur and Coluche even asks him for advice on getting started. But the singer of Je Marche Seul is not impressed. Worse still, he would have completely blacklisted it. And even if some are campaigning for his arrival, it is not done: “They have all tried. Palmade, Bruel, Voulzy… They didn’t understand. He may not have sympathy for me”.

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Two years earlier, with Purechart, she had already mentioned this boycott, but had not hesitated to be more virulent with the composer so appreciated by the French, despite his discretion for years: “He said that I dealt with drugs. I have a huge anti-drug association. And according to him, it was not necessary to mix. Not mix what? There are many drug addicts who go looking for food (…). I think it’s silly not to take advantage of my talent…”.

Les Enfoirés: the kings of controversy?

Today, Jean Jacques Goldman is no longer at the head of the Enfoirés. After years of good and loyal service, it gives way to the new generation, responsible for creating a show from scratch. But if for a while no one spoke ill of the Enfoirés, tongues are loosened today. Some have always refused to go, while others have left and miss the old days. Ego problems between artists are discussed behind the scenes. Enough to lose sight of the good cause.

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Some singers do not hesitate to hit the Enfoirés, like Eddy Mitchell who does not understand the current “mixing of genres” which consists in having sportsmen or actors sing. “I’m a professional singer, I’m not going to sing with a footballer. Or else, we do The footballers make the restaurants. Why not? Or The TV icons do the Restos du cœur, with Mimie Mathy, but the mix, I don’t understand“.

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