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Skullgirls 2nd Encore is at the end of its development stage. Hidden Variable, Future Club, and Autumn Games have already released one character named Annie, and now it is the turn of the second character. This second character, Umbrella, is developed during beta testing on PC, and we are here to speak about the second character, specifically.

Teaser and release schedule of Skullgirls Umbrella

Skullgirls was one of the highlighted events on Day 3 of “Community Effort Orlando 2021” (also referred to as CEO 2021).  Two surprises for the game were presented after it ended, and you can see the video below.

The teaser for Umbrella shows off some of her gameplay. The teaser video also includes some of her advanced techniques and a brand-new level introduced in a later course. The teaser of Umbrella indicates that the character will be launched in early 2022. We may see Umbrella somewhere between January and March 2022.

The DLC for Umbrella will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam. The destiny of the Nintendo Switch version is presently unknown due to a lack of information.

About the third character Black Dahlia

This trailer, however, did not reveal everything. A preview of the third DLC figure, which has an undisclosed release date, was presented in the last 30 seconds. The third DLC figure is Black Dahlia, who has previously featured in the Story Modes of two other characters. Throughout Peacock’s and Squiggly’s adventures, she appears as one of the Medici mafia’s enforcers.

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Black Dahlia has no specific debut date other than 2022. Certainly, there will be more information about her later. Like the previous two DLC characters, she will most likely have a functional alpha or beta version for PC users to examine and report problems.

Naming of Umbrella

Hungern is a German term meaning “starvation”, and in Swedish, the term denotes “famine,” and it is the name of Umbrella in Skullgirls.

Design of Umbrella

Morton Salt, a salt-producing corporation in the United States, provided the inspiration for Umbrella’s design. A little girl wearing a yellow raincoat and holding an umbrella in the rain is featured on the company’s merchandise.

Background of Umbrella 

Umbrella is the only one who can entirely demolish the Skull Heart due to her unexplained link to the Skull Heart. Another propeller is Trinity’s intention for her to become the Skullgirl.

Personality traits of Umbrella

She is a spoilt youngster who is careless to some extent. Hungern is a spicy food lover.

Development phase of Skullgirls Umbrella

Alex Ahad is the former Skullgirls creative director. He created Umbrella as one of his mascots to use in his personal website “PuG’s PuB.”. He has used it since October 2001. Umbrella-chan was her nickname, and she debuted in a comic with other Ahad’s creative characters.

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According to Alex Ahad’s previous live journal, Umbrella had psychic abilities, pure magical skill, and the soul of Aesil. Since Aesil was an unused character, it is unclear how legitimate this information is, but because of her link to the Skull Heart, it is conceivable that Umbrella still has some special powers. The two have similar looks, and Umbrella’s status as an Aesil spirit during the time might be the cause for this.

Umbrella was the first prospective DLC character disclosed during the Indiegogo campaign, with a funding goal of $20,000. She was planned to be a member of the cast Squigly, but the developers required antagonists for the tale. Therefore she was changed to a first-round DLC character. According to reports, she is one of the key characters required to be allowed playable in order to disclose the Skullgirls plot.

The gameplay of Skullgirls Umbrella

According to, Hungern has a long tongue that can oppose zoners like Peacock, turning her invisible until she spits out Peacock. The technique is also useful to bounce foe against the wall, enabling further follow-ups.

She, like Parasoul, possesses float, but due to her lack of experience, she falls over and lands on the earth. If predicted right, she possesses a flash kick move in which she hits the opponent many times and smashes them down, leading to follow-ups. 

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The Hunger Meter is the most important aspect of Umbrella’s combat technique. Ravenous (her attacks come out quicker), Satiated (the usual form), Starving (Her movements slow down, but they are not as forceful as Overstuffed’s) and Overstuffed (her strikes hit stronger at the loss of speed) are the four main phases that change the attributes of Umbrella’s strikes.

With the meter dwindling with the passage of time, Umbrella must keep an eye on Hunger’s condition to avoid putting herself into trouble. The Hunger Meter is loaded by performing assaults in which Hungern consumes the enemy; the lower the gauge, the more operations Hungern can execute. Hungern can also spew little bubbles that can be distracting. Hungern can also make large bubbles that make floods when burst and enable Umbrella to leap higher or farther.

Assumptions on Playstyle

Hungern, Umbrella’s weapon, has a voracious hunger. Use Hungern to terminate special moves for additional benefits throughout the game or let his Hunger be accumulated for greater harm later. As it strives to swallow the adversary, Hungern appears in the forms of numerous horrifying mouths, varying from horseheads to anemones. Some of its assaults have a Takashi Murakami-like similarity.

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