Snoop Dogg and Stephen Curry reopen the field where the rapper played as a child

Raymond McKinnon

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In addition to his music, Snoop Dogg is known to be a great sports fan, mainly basketball. Thus, the rapper joined forces with the current MVP of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry, to renovate the court in which the musician grew up playing one of his favorite sports.

Together, the interpreter and the basketball player recruited the artist Damion Scott, who is known for his illustration work in comics of ‘Batman’ and ‘Black Panther’, so that with his creativity he would paint the new field of the Boys and Girls Club in the Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Long Beach, Calif.; that court where Calvin Broadus Jr., Snoop Dogg, played when he was a kid.

The design of the sports space should be inspired by the defender of civil rights, Dr. Martin Luther King, with the legends of what sports in general teach you. Phrases and words like “Believe”, “Teamwork”, “Aim for the highest” and “Change the game for something good”.

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After the opening ceremony on the court, where the rapper and the NBA’s most valuable player were present, a basketball clinic was shared with local children and youth.

After the event, Snoop Dogg thanked Stephen Curry for his contribution to this work, for which he presented him with one of the coveted chains of Death Row Records, the label with which the rapper made his debut in 1993 and which he recently bought.

Very few people have that distinctive chain, among those who have that honor are former NFL quarterback Eli Manning and TikTok celebrity Khabi Lame.

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