Solved the mystery of “Winged Rat”? ‘The Batman’ Riddle Site Updated


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The premiere of ‘The Batman’ was one of the most successful for Warner Bros and within the Dark Knight movies. And although the arrival of its second part is not yet confirmed, the “Winged Rat” website, named after the riddle we saw in the Matt Reeves story, could have had the answer.

For several days the site had been updated with new riddles that fans had to solve, and as a prize they received an image or file that had information about the great plan that the villain of ‘The Batman’, played by Paul Dano, presented in the film starring Robert Pattinson.

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The clues on the “Winged Rat” site made reference to the fact that Edward Nashton, better known as The Riddler, was preparing a triumphant return, although it is not known whether for the sequel to ‘The Batman’, or for the ‘Arkham Asylum’ series. for HBO Max, joining forces with his new friend.

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The last image revealed “Gotham loves returns”, alluding to The Riddler, although the classic laugh of the Joker could also be read, who had met in one of the final scenes of ‘The Batman’, so it would only be a matter of time for the confirmation of the continuation.

“Winged Rat” revealed the mystery of what follows in ‘The Batman’

Now that Barry Keoghan’s Joker scene in ‘The Batman’ has been revealed, the mystery of the Winged Rat is over, but the mysterious website has been updated for the last time, and it looks like the City Police Department Gothica closed it, as you can see in the image if you enter the page.

Within this universe, now that The Riddler has been caught and put behind bars at Arkham Asylum, the Gotham City Police Department appears to have seized all of the villain’s shenanigans and has issued a “seizure order”, so if not you played the mystery of the villain, you will not be able to do it in the future.

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The universe of ‘The Batman’ will expand with the series ‘The Penguin’, starring Colin Farrell for HBO Max, but director Matt Reeves has confirmed that what was originally born as a series about the City Police Department Gothic, it has evolved to be set inside Arkham Asylum, quite a coincidence, don’t you think?

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