Sonic: There will be no replacement for Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik if he retires from acting


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The film industry has been through some pretty controversial days in recent weeks, with Bruce Willis confirming his illness, Will Smith slapping the Oscars, and Ezra Miller being arrested again. Added to the list was Jim Carrey, who said he feels tired, and is considering retiring from acting. But if true, there would be no replacement in the ‘Sonic’ franchise.

In an interview for Access Hollywood, Jim Carrey explained that he has been considering the idea that has been going through his head for several months, about retiring from the cinema, and dedicating more time to his family, after the health crisis took some of it away from him. And although it was not a final decision, he explained that once ‘Sonic 2’ was released, he would make his position public.

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In an interview with IGN, the producers of ‘Sonic 2, The Movie’, Neal H. Moritz and Toby Ascher, confirmed that they would not replace Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik, the evil villain of the first installment, and that he will return to play theirs for the sequel, if the actor finally decides to retire from acting.

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Jim Carre has always been a member of the ‘Sonic’ family, and he will always have a place in any movie or TV series as long as he wants to appear”

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He adds: “We love Jim (Carrey) and what he did with Robotnik was amazing. He would love us (to work) as long as he wants to be with us.” In addition, the executive mentions that the actor loves the character of Doctor Robotnik so much that he does not believe that he can retire to never play him again.

Jim Carrey Won’t Be Replaced From ‘Sonic’ Movies

The interviewer insists that Jim Carrey’s shoes could not be replaced as Doctor Robotnik by any other actor in the future. In the interview for Access Hollywood, actor Carrey himself mentioned that he withdrew it from him depending on whether he finds a script too compelling in the future to consider returning to the recording set.

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For now, Jim Carrey commented that he is calm with his lifestyle in which there is not much pressure from work: “I really love my spiritual life, and I feel that, and this is something that you may never hear another celebrity say, I have enough, I have done enough, I am enough.

Currently, ‘Sonic 2’ has already been released in some parts of the world and everything indicates that it will once again become a successful installment for the SEGA video game adaptation franchise. So it is likely that in the future we will see more tapes, or series, as the executive said. It will be a matter of time before Jim Carrey officially announces his decision.

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