Sony wants Ana de Armas to star in Olivia Wilde’s ‘Spider-Woman’


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Although with the premiere of ‘Morbius’ Sony’s cinematographic universe has faltered a bit, the company continues with plans to build a universe based on Marvel characters. Now, it has been leaked that, for one of their mysterious projects directed by Olivia Wilde, they want Ana de Armas to become Spider-Woman.

Currently Sony has in development the films of ‘Kraven, the Hunter’, ‘Madame Web’, and now ‘El Muerto’ with Bad Bunny, however, it has been rumored for a long time that they also plan an adaptation of Spider-Woman, to the that Olivia Wilde would have joined to direct the project.

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Now, new information from Forbes ensures that, according to information leaked by Sony, the studio would have put Ana de Armas, the Cuban actress known for films like ‘Blade Runner 2049’, as the main option to star in ‘Spider-Woman’. or the recent ‘No time to die’.

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In addition to the next protagonist of the Netflix biopic, ‘Blonde’, Sony also wants Rebecca Ferguson, whom we have recently seen in ‘Dune’, to be in charge of giving life to the villain of ‘Spider-Woman’, although not it is known if it is a new character, or one based on the comics.

‘Spider-Woman’, the fourth Spider-Man spin-off at Sony

The ‘Spider-Woman’ movie was announced in 2020, however, it is only known that Olivia Wilde would be in charge of the project, and that it would come after ‘Madame Web’, another spin-off that will have Dakota Johnson as the protagonist, and Sydney Sweeney in an unknown role.

In the same leaked information, it is ensured that Andrew Garfield would have rejected Sony’s offer to return as Spiderman in the Venom-Verse, however, in the studio they would have already begun the search for a new actor who can replace him for this universe. .

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At the moment, there are no more details about ‘Spider-Woman’, but its release date is expected to be after ‘Madame Web’, which would place it at some point in 2024, after the release of ‘El Muerto’ ‘, another of the studio’s spin-offs, starring Bad Bunny.

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