Sony would look for Zendaya for ‘Spiderman 4’: The story of Peter Parker and MJ continues


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After the mega success of the movie ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’, it is officially confirmed that Marvel and Sony will work as a team again to bring a new trilogy of the arachnid to the big screen, of which the plot is unknown, but according With a new report, actress Zendaya would be called back to bring the beloved MJ to life.

Given how Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) life ended at the end of the third installment of this trilogy, the protagonist’s story can go anywhere, and many fans believe it is the opportunity to integrate new characters into the cast. and give a different twist to the plot, but apparently Sony would seek to repeat the chemistry of the British actor with the talented Zendaya.

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It was in a recent Deadline report, where it was revealed that Sony is looking to re-introduce Zendaya to the big screen alongside Tom Holland for the movie ‘Spiderman 4’, making it clear that the lives of Peter Parker and MJ would cross their paths again. somehow, although of course it is too early to have details about it.

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It should be noted that this report does not mean that it is an official confirmation and it would also be necessary to know if the renowned actress of ‘Euphoria’ would be willing to return to Marvel and the world of superheroes, so for now it is not possible to confirm that ‘Spiderman 4’ will once again present the intrepid MJ on the big screen.

Jon Watts would also be back for ‘Spiderman 4’

The future of Spiderman at Sony is quite promising, but beyond the fact that a second trilogy starring Tom Holland is confirmed, it is unknown in which direction the arachnid will go, so there is a lot of freedom for production, but according to the same report, the company would be calling Jon Watts to direct it.

All 3 Spiderman movies starring Tom Holland have been directed by Jon Watts, so it’s no surprise that Sony is looking to bring this director back to the screen, however it has been revealed that the filmmaker has dropped out of the ‘The 4 Spider-Man’ project. Fantastic’ to get away from superhero movies.

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This means that there is a possibility that the director of ‘Spiderman 4’ is someone different, but for now it is clear that Sony would seek to repeat the same successful formula that it used in the first trilogy, so we will have to wait longer to find out which one. is the future of this beloved movie superhero.

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