Sophia Di Martino talked about the finale and the next season of Loki

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Sophia Di Martino revela importantes detalles sobre su personaje en Loki

This is everything the actress who plays Sylvie in Loki, Sophia Di Martino, knows about the second season of the Disney + series.

The grand finale of the first season of Loki It came loaded with surprises. One of the characters that caused the most anger was Sylvie, the iconic feminine variant of the god of deception. AND (SPOILER ALERT), being in contact with the displayed version of Kang, this did not do more than follow its assignment.

After everything that happened, mainly the murder of the variable of The one that remains at the hands of ‘The Enchantress’, everything was left open when a second season was announced. The actress who gave life to this character, Sophia Di Martino, spoke of the last episode.

One of the aspects that most attracted the attention of the celebrity was the interpretation that Jonathan Majors made of the enemy. What did you think of the ending? As was? This said: “It was just like, shit. This is huge. Interesting. Woof. And also, “Who is going to play the One who abides? I need to know because it is such an amazing part and such incredible speeches that it has. I wanted to imagine who would play it, but I could never have imagined the way Jonathan would have played it. So brilliant.

Yeah. It just exploded on that set with so much energy and nothing like we could have ever imagined. It was a lot of fun and it was brilliant. You know, people said this was going to be something really special, whispering behind the camera. It was so eccentric and funny and scary. It’s very easy for Tom and me to sit and listen to it for a few days. Very entertaining”.

On the other hand, the interpreter tried to put herself in the place of her character to find out why she made the decision to “betray the protagonist” after kissing him. “You have to really listen and really take into account what he was telling us at the time, and then choose not to believe him. For Sylvie, she’s just on a mission of revenge from the moment she walks into that building, she knows she wants to kill someone. When they’re in the elevator with him, she’s already hitting him. She just wants to catch him with her machete. And I think she’s so focused on that goal that he could have told her anything and her priority wouldn’t have changed. “, he claimed.

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Finally, he talked about everything he knows about the second season. “I mean, there have been rumors for a while, but I still haven’t heard officially if it’s happening, like officially, officially. I only know what I know by reading the news. And I know, because you know, from the label at the end of Episode 6 “, Hill.

Loki will premiere his second season in the services of Disney+.

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