Sophie Ferjani’s Unique 20-Year Marriage Contract With Baligh

Jonny Hector

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On July 2022, M6 presented a new show, Everything to Change or Leave, in which Stéphane Plaza and Sophie Ferjani come to the aid of families struggling to decide between a complete house redesign or moving. Ferjani, with whom Plaza has been collaborating with for fifteen years, is a now well-known architect and interior designer who also runs a decoration concept store in Marseille with her husband Baligh.

The second issue of Everything to Change or Leave aired on January 13th, 2021 and was seen by more than 2.8 million people. Ferjani and her husband have been running the concept store for the last six years, and it has been a great success. However, Ferjani was worried about stepping on each other’s toes, so the couple have a charter in place to clearly distinguish between their roles.

In addition to their professional successes, Ferjani and her husband are also proud of their children: Achille (15 years old), Gabriel (11) and Célestin (6). To Ferjani, her children are her motivation in life and she looks forward to seeing them thrive and grow.

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It’s clear to see that Ferjani is a woman of many talents, and that she and her husband have created a successful balance in life between business, family and their professional works.

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