Sophie Marceau naked in I Love America: she talks about her shooting for Amazon

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Considered one of the sexiest French actresses, Sophie Marceau reveals herself completely naked in the new film by Lisa Azuelos: “I Love America”. Interviewed by “Le Parisien”, the actress confided that being naked was not really a problem for her.

Lead actress in film I Love America directed by Lisa Azuelos, Sophie Marceau portrays a director whose mother is dying, arriving in the United States, determined to find love again with the help of her best friend Luka. For the purposes of the film, the 53-year-old actress had to show herself completely naked on several occasions. However, the star (real name Sophie Maupu) was not bothered by these requirements.

Nudity in the cinema does not bother me if she says something“ she confides to the Parisianbefore adding: “The body speaks, it’s an important notion when you’re an actress. It’s not just the head and the words: everything plays, the body sends signals (…) For me, it’s as important as my head. My body is my instrument, my tool, it is also part of the mythology. Me, the body moves me, we read everything in a body“.

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Amused, she also mentioned a scene where she appears naked in front of a knowledgeable nudist and said she was proud to reveal with this film “joy, which is good” Thus “thata sexuality of women over 50 who would be happy“. “Lisa allowed me to play scenes like the one where I find myself naked pfor a first Tinder date with a nudist. But it’s lived for her!“, she remembered with humor.

During the filming, the pretty brunette – who is making her big comeback to the cinema after a three-year absence – also had to learn how to use the Tinder dating application. But in real life, there is no need to find love for the actress who now shares her life with Richard Caillat, as revealed Paris Match last January. “In real life, the one who, according to her words, has practically never lived alone, is not looking for love: she has found it. His relationship with an entrepreneur and director of Parisian theaters seems to balance it out like simple happiness. An uncomplicated romance, finally“, thus wrote our colleagues.

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As a reminder, this is not the first time that Sophie Marceau has appeared naked since she had already posed in the simplest device for a brand campaign. Chaumet in 2010 but also for Paris Match in 2009 during a shoot with Monica Bellucci.

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