Sophie Nelisse Opens Up About The Challenges of Committed ‘Yellowjackets’ Fanbase

Raymond McKinnon

Published on:

Sophie Nelisse, star of the hit Showtime series “Yellowjackets,” has spoken about the pressure she feels to deliver a second season that meets fans’ expectations. Nelisse, who stars as Shauna in the series, comes from a film background and admits she is not used to the intense fandom cultivated by the show. While grateful for the fans and their commitment to the project, she also feels the pressure of living up to their expectations and delivering a second season that is as exciting as the first.

In the new season of “Yellowjackets,” set to air on March 24, audiences can expect a “darker” show as the characters progress into a feral, animalistic state. The stakes are higher this season, with the characters having accepted that they will not be rescued. Nelisse teases that the show further devolves into factions and in-fighting as the characters lose all concept of social norms and hierarchy.

The first season of “Yellowjackets” has been a huge hit, with fans eagerly anticipating the second season. While Nelisse is nervous about delivering a second season that lives up to expectations, she remains committed to the project and the fans that have rallied around it.

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