Space Jam 2 surpasses Black Widow at the box office

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Space Jam

With an unexpected victory, Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) debuts with 31.6 million in ticket sales.

The Tune Squad reigned the billboard and box office this past weekend. In an unexpected victory, Space Jam: A New Legacy, in which LeBron James teams up with the Looney Tunes, beat the competition with $ 31.6 million in ticket sales.

The Warner Bros. sequel to Space Jam (1996), exceeded forecasts. They were aiming for the film to gross $ 20 million in its first three days of release. The criticism affected Space Jam: A New Legacy with an average of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes. Despite the facts, audiences seemed to embrace the film, giving it an “A-” CinemaScore. Space Jam 2 It was screened in 3,965 theaters in North America, while it was available on HBO Max at no additional cost to subscribers.

The marketing for this movie was really fun, and it helped alert audiences around the world, He said Jeff Goldstein, President of National Distribution for Warner Bros. It’s off to a better start than expected. Space Jam the champion of the previous weekend was placed, Black widow (2021), from Disney and Marvel, to the second at the box office. The superhero adventure starring Scarlett Johansson, raised $ 26.3 million in its second weekend, which is a sharp decrease of 67% compared to its premiere.

Black widow

Up to now, Black widow It has generated $ 131 million in North America and $ 264 million worldwide. Although it is a positive figure by pandemic standards, it is a totally negative result for a Marvel movie with a budget of $ 200 million. It is unlikely that digital rentals in Disney Plus, where the film is available to subscribers for $ 30, make up for losses in theaters. In addition, the comic book adaptation does not yet have a release date in China, a vital market for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Despite concerns about the Delta variant and its hybrid premiere on HBO Max, Warner Bros. reported that Space Jam: A New Legacy got the biggest premiere for a family movie during the Covid crisis. Previously, films aimed at a younger audience, such as The Croods: A New Era (2020) and Tom y jerry (2021) – they had been the ones that had raised the most money. But summer deals like The Boss Baby: Family Business, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Y Spirit Untamed they have not been successful with family audiences. Space Jam 2 It is the first family film that attracts viewers with children. Among ticket buyers, 53% were male and 52% under the age of 25.

This weekend is a positive sign that the family audience is alive, well, and according to enthusiasts Space Jam 2 audience results, still delighted with the big screen, says David A. Gross, who runs the film consultancy Franchise Entertainment Research.

At the international box office, Space Jam: A New Legacy it raised $ 23 million in 64 overseas markets, bringing its global total to $ 54.6 million. The second film cost $ 150 million to make, which means that the last one Space Jam It depends on ticket sales to make a profit. However, in the case of Warner Bros., the box office is not its only measure of success. The parent company of the study, WarnerMedia, intends to increase the subscription to HBO Max. How? Add to Space Jam: A New Legacy and the rest of its 2021 programming, simultaneously streaming and in cinemas.

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Space Jam (1996) / Space Jam (2021)

In a distant third place, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions from Sony, premiered nationwide and earned $ 8.8 million in 2,815 locations. Those ticket sales were on par with industry expectations, but its three-day debut marks a sharp decline from its predecessor, Escape Room (2019). It reached $ 18 million and finished its box office career with 57. Overseas, the PG-13 film made $ 3.4 million in 18 markets, bringing its international tally to $ 4.5. The production of the sequel cost 15 million dollars, which is an increase over the 9 of the first installment.

In issue 4, the sequel to Fast and Furious from Universal“F9” grossed $ 7.6 million in its fourth opening weekend, bringing its national tally to 154. The action movie is about to cross the $ 600 million mark imminently. . Along with a worldwide revenue of 591. Another Universal title, The Boss Baby: Family Business, completed the top 5, generating $ 4.7 million over the weekend. Altogether, the animated sequel to Boss Baby (2017) has reached $ 44 million after three weeks in theaters. It is also simultaneously showing on the nascent Peacock streaming service.

Among the specialized premieres, the documentary by Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, opened in 925 theaters and grossed $ 1.9 million, with a hefty median of $ 2,050 per location. The collection has been enough to reach the eighth position. It becomes the best start to the year for an independent film, as well as the best opening for a documentary in 2021.

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Roadrunner sparked a mild social media controversy after the director Morgan Neville (Won’t You Be My Neighbor, 2018) revealed that three lines from the film spoken by the late Bourdain, who committed suicide that same year, were generated by AI. However, it doesn’t seem to have affected the film’s reception, at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. After his exclusive passage on the big screen, Roadrunner It will air on CNN and stream on HBO Max at a later date.

To be the premier specialty film release of the year and the highest in Morgan’s illustrious career, it is truly a thrill for all of us at Focus and a testament to the legacy Bourdain created, says the president of distribution of Focus Features, Lisa Bunnell. We are hopeful that you have a great run throughout the summer and a positive sign that we are getting back to normal for our business and our exhibition partners.

At number 10, the thriller of Neon Pig, made by Nicholas Cage, raised $ 954,000 from 552 theaters (for an average of $ 1,712 per screen). Cage’s portrayal of a truffle hunter whose beloved pig disappears has earned the actor some of his best reviews in years. Less revenge thriller than intimate character study, ‘Pig’ is mostly a reminder that Cage is one of the most gifted and fearless actors working today, wrote critic Michael Nordine in his review para Variety.


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